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Easy Ways to Increase Humidity!

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by mickthedroog, Jan 19, 2009.

  1. The following is an excerpt from an article I just read which I am very stoked on to experiment with. The original article can be located here: http://home.howstuffworks.com/how-to-care-for-house-plants3.htm

    Easy Ways to Increase Humidity

    The best-known method of increasing air humidity is spraying houseplants with warm water. Unfortunately, this is not terribly efficient, since the humidity provided dissipates rapidly. To efficiently raise humidity by spraying, repeat the process several times a day.

    A room humidifier will do wonders in increasing air humidity. Just make sure to fill it up regularly. Some modern homes have built-in humidifiers that can be adjusted to the desired level.

    It is easy to build a plant humidifier of your own. Simply fill a waterproof tray with stones, gravel, or perlite and pour water over them so that the bottom ones rest in water while the upper ones are dry. Set the plants on one of these pebble trays. They will benefit from the added humidity given off as the water evaporates. By keeping the tray constantly half-filled with water, a nicely humid microclimate will be created.

    For house plants with moderate humidity needs, grouping them together during the heating season is a simple solution. Each plant gives off humidity through transpiration. Clusters of plants will create very good humidity in the surrounding air.
  2. Sweet find droogy!!!

    coincidentally I'm working on the same problem in my box. literally trays of water line the bottom and no increase in humidity. I think I might try this out thanks for the insight bro!
  3. I'm not actually sure, if it really works (should in theory), neither the way, that's what I use: Just put a water in a vessel next to/on (whereever you like) your growroom's heater (if you have such a thing), and the water should steam, increasing humidity.
  4. Thanks dope:D I was online looking at humidifiers and I came across that so I was stoked that all I have to do is buy a pan at the salvation army or wherever and get some gravel. I was thinkin maybe that a humidifier might even make it a bit moldy. Maybe the rocks serve as a heat source? I donno. But yah man no problem I love finding out random stuff too.

    I imagine it will work, I still need a humidity gauge so I shall see. I don't really want a heater in the box cause I'm sketchy on fire issues. Good idea though homie whatever works.:smoke:
  5. Try getting 4 of those 16 oz cups you have! Fill them half way up with water and place them in each corner of the box! Check it each day and I'm sure they will need to be filled! Where else would the water be going but evaporating into the box!

    I figure the residual heat from your lamps will cause the water to evaporate slowly! Despite your fans running! With 4 cups, humidity should be coming from all points of the box at a slow constant state!

    Just sitting here thinking! But this should work! You may need more than just half a cup each! Just depends on how much is actually being used???

  6. I was having a humidity problem (20% in tent)my self so I tried putting 1 gallon of water in a 2 gallon bucket and putting it inside my tent. The most this did was raise it up 5%.

    Then I got an idea from a video I saw on youtube using this method except in a germination tray, simply an airstone in an open water container. I was using an 8 outlet airpump for my stones but I was only using 7 of the outlets. I set a new airstone to the open outlet and put it inside the 2gallon bucket making the water sprinkle lightly. Room humidity jumped up to 45%.
  7. I read to hang a wet cotton towel. I have it up waiting to see if it helps. I grow hydro so the previous comments about putting rocks in a tray with water wont work for me...keeping my fingers crossed because my humidity is really low!
  8. i thought the point was to keep humidity as low as possible to prevent mold?

    anything im missing?
  9. you dont want your humidity low during veg, it should be between 60% & 70% during veg you want a lower humidity during flower but even then it should be between 40 - 60%. You have so many things to balance....people think its so easy which it is if your not trying to get the best results. I got my information from the "Marijuana Horticulture the Medical grower's Bible" I live by that book.

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