Easy Way To Remoisturize Dry Bud

Discussion in 'General' started by Dro man, Jun 13, 2013.

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    Got really spliffed earlier today and had some bud tht was grinded and dry therefore pretty harsh and not as tasty.
    Idea literally popped into my head i havnt seen before and it works pretty darn good.
    I just took my bud jar and got my finger wet then rubbed it on the inside of the lid (not enough where it will drip onto the bud, just a light coat of water) then screwed my jar back shut and not even a half hour later my bud was not dry but perfect moisture content.
    I would check on it maybe every fifteen min. as i dont know how long it will take with diff. quantities and/or jars.

  2. The end of a moistened q-tip taped inside the lid works well too. :smoke:
  3. I just screw the lid over a piece of paper towel with a few drops on it..and then yell at my dude for not drying his shit right lol
  4. Some people put tortilla shells in it or paper wad works. There is also something on the internet called the medipack it restores your dry herbs 
  5. www.headimedies.com
  6. lemon or orange peels. works really good if its swagg

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