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    i think i found a great discovery here gc.

    okay let me get straight to the point

    all you need is a jacuzzi. my bathtub at my house is a jacuzzi. i fill itup, get some of my favorite pornos ready. get in. put the bottom of my dick up to the jacuzzi jet and get aroused. oh it feels so good. best masturbation in the world. after not too long i cum. but in this process my dicks like stretched out and shit. ive done this twice in the last week and my dick grew a whole half inch no joke. u all should seriously try this it works no joke and it feels amazing. where can u go wrong. just find a hot tub or jacuzzi.. dont do it too much or else u mite mutilate your penis, but seriouly if you do this every now and then your dick will grow i swear to it. your welcome gc :wave:
  2. ...I'm honestly not sure he's joking..
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  3. the bear seems to be interested in what i have to say lol. he knows
  4. joking? about what? i'm not the first to discover this?
  5. Anything that stretches your penis will make it grow but will also cause nerve damage. Girls like thickness more than anything anyways, if you ain't satisfied with size, excersise it. It is a muscle.
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  6. its called a dick pump they all ready made this but it can REALLY fuck up your dick they use to use them in like the 80s not so much any more
  7. whoah 16 people viewing. lmao. maybe i shouldnt have let this secret out to the internet
  8. Let me try again.
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  9. well it helps thickness too by the looks of it
  10. you just mad your bathroom isnt as ballin as mine and u got a normal bathtub u rubber ducky mothafucka
  11. ....

    aka a penis pump? those gains aren't permanent...if you want real growth go to pegym.com

    it takes a while but its works, seriously, it took me 3 months to get 1/2 inch which doesn't look any bigger but exercising 30 minutes everyday with warmup and cooldown hasn't gotten me noticeably bigger but my erections are becoming those "holy shit AMwood" ones ALL the time. sex = +1 every time

    the jacuzzi pump can also fuck up ur urethra lol good luck withthat
  12. yall need to stop hating and just try it. real quick n easy results! pure ectacy in the process!
  13. Interesting thought but I would rather stick my dick in a woman than a jacuzzi pump.
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  14. nikka u need to get ur priorities str8
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  15. Have you ever seen the movie Out Cold? Dude gets his dick stuck in a jacuzzi. That could be you.

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