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Discussion in 'General' started by jfac030, Feb 7, 2009.

  1. What's an easy way to make money if your broke and need to make money for weed

  2. This!
  3. be a crack dealer.
  4. Haha, yeah man, you need to find a job... You could go on one of those sites where you have to click a bunch of ads too...or Mysurvey.com where you just fill out a buncha surveys...but it would take forever to make a bunch of money with those sites.
  5. I have a job but I spend that on bills and shit, so I need money now
  6. Cash for gold!!!!!
  7. lmao +rep
  8. Already sold all my gold,I even got 4mprtgages on my house and put my wife to prostitution
  9. I no shes pretty good stop being a fucking bum get a second job stop posting faggot ass shit....
  10. Pimp your ass out :eek: Just joken unless your into that $hit. LMAO!
  11. Www are you getting mad it was a joke man chill out
    And I don't wanna waste my tell on a second job
  12. WTF? How much? I got $10.
  13. Dude i was kidding its just dont waste time on stupid posts if u dont want a second job then how do u wanna earn money im not gonna tell u to sell or rob ppl so...
  14. Donate plasma!
  15. Ebay son.

    But im on the same boat, cept i need money for grow equip but its the same thing basically...

    How ever, Ive came down to the conclusion that there are other ways to make money without a job but they take so much time and effort your better off just getting another job.

    If your still dead set on not taking the second job, im afraid your options are...

    Selling shit on ebay...
    Affiliate marketing or something similar..

    But thats just what Ive found, hopefully someone can post a better idea and help the both of us out:smoke:

    Bought to go smoke some romulan, good luck getting weed bro;)

  16. Well then your last resort would be male prostitution at gay bath houses.

    This thread should be deleted...if there ever was a 'useless thread' this one is it.
  17. @ oldskool- Haha I think Ive seen worse. Its just not in the right place is all..

    My favorite threads are the ones that are like, " my mom caught me..."

    Its like ok, A- you just told us your still in highschool
    and B- who the fuck cares, join the club!

    But if your not in highschool and feel the need to post that shit still, kill your self.

    I agree thought, there should be a subcategory of apprentice tokers called senseless bullshit.

    I don't feel this belongs there though, other people have something to gain from reading this so in my books its useful!

  18. sell schwag, i did and made a 100 in one day. i would never smoke that shit though

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