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  1. It's a new thing called the bar, and you download a search engine toolbar that goes right beneath the space you type in the URLs. It's risk free, and the best part is you dont have to do anything really, just look at a few ads a day! its not a scam, I already got a check for 15 dollars - just to make sure it works. seriously, try it out here!

    The Bar is a new search engine that gives back-literally. Google has been charging high prices on every advertisement, and The Bar is looking to fix this problem.

    Right now the bar is relatively new and has prototype advertisements, but if you are a member, simply clicking on the advertisements makes you money.

    The bar will never ask for any credit information or any form of pay. It is completely free! You cannot lose.

    Google charges all ad companies from 1 to 40 dollars per click. The Bar will keep prices low, and will give back to you and whoever signed you up and who signed them up and whoever signed them up ect.... You get the point. Everyone for 7 levels above you in the system gets 4/10 of a cent for every click you make on current ads. This will soon go up to around 5 cents per click when large companies insert their more expensive ads.

    How does this work?
    To explain it in simple terms: if you sign up 10 people who sign up 10 people each who sign up ten people each, ect.... And if everyone clicks on their max limit of 10 ads a day, you will be making millions within months. Doesn't seem real? The Bar will be able to pay you this much money, because if you are making millions off 4 cents a day from all those people, then they are making Billions from their 1 dollar charge on every click that you made mere cents off of.

    Also, with the rapid growth of the new application, they will soon be able to support 200 clicks a day meaning more ad companies will be supporting and you will be able to make around 10 dollars per person under your tree. The numbers will add up rapidly.

    This is about the best case scenario, so you want to add as many friends as possible under your 7 levels to get the best results. You only get paid for 7 levels down, but you can sign up infinite numbers of friends directly under you to make your “seven layered cake” as big as possible.

    People are already making around 5 dollars a day with minimal friends, and The Bar just launched February 1st.

    Because the bar is a search engine, new advertisements will target what you are looking up and will be interesting to the user. The Bar will know how old each user is and this lets them target their customer. It asks you basic questions like if you smoke and your annual income just so they can target you with future big time advertisements. The software developed, Web Your Way, is the backbone of The Bar and targets customers while The Bar pays them to click the adds. Soon enough, you won't have to make yourself click 10 or 200 ads a day; you will want to click while you search, but for now, CLICK AWAY and watch it grow!

    The Bar is new, so get on board and join the crews who have already started this growing network. Once you get a network, you are a few ads away from making serious cash.

    Directions below will let you sign up for free. I swear: you will never owe anyone a dime. Help me help you.


    My link:


    To get started:

    Enter the link above, and you can sign up underneath me. You click the "join free" section, fill out the basic info and you're in. Answer the questions honestly so the advertisement companies will generate ads that interest you; the big time ads aren't up and running just yet, but once they are you will actually be interested if you answer the basic questions (age, smoking, alcohol, income, ect..) correctly. There are only about 6 questions but they are all crucial to the set up of the software called Web Your Way.

    Once you're a member go back and download the tool bar from the middle section of the site. The tool bar should show up in your web browser immediately after you install it. It let's you look at your money and friends (the people you sign up under you).

    Once you're set up:

    Sign in on the right side of the tool bar, and when you click on the friend's button, you can see how to send other people your link so they start to make money for you.

    To see the advertisements and make money, click the ER on the left part of the tool bar. Make sure you sign in first or you aren't making money. You can watch yourself make money while clicking up to ten ads a day.

    *The most important part is networking so sign people up below you fast! Once they start using the ads and the displays turn into big companies, you will already be set up to make the big bucks.
  2. I'll pass...

    I'd rather not have my computer full of spyware... At least, any more than there already is... Fucking shit is everywhere nowadays..
  3. yeah, i got enough money to be threatened by spyware and viruses..besides, FUCK advertisements.
  4. get that retarded referall link shit OUTTA MY CITY
  5. fuck pyramid schemes.
  6. i fuckin hate trolling ass spam shit like this, i think this shit should get you banned for cluttering the city with such meaningless bullshit. this is a Cannabis website, get with the program.
  7. why would the OP with like 750 posts post this bullshit
  8. I'd rather get out and do business as usual, it pays for itself.
  9. how do these things even make money? i know there are ads for shit like this everywhere so its gotta be generating money somehow.
  10. Think perpetual motion fueled by stupidity.
  11. hmmm, I wonder if it does work or is the typical internet, get rich quick bullshit.... I'm having a bit of faith that it may work since the OP has a high post count and not the typical spammer coming in to spam and get banned. His account probably just got hacked by a spammer tho.
  12. this is definitely one of those BS pyramid schemes. GTFO OP (troll).
  13. wow, what a cool idea! i think i'll try it...
  14. Or you could just get a job

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