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Easy way to make hash

Discussion in 'General' started by HiTCheR, Jan 19, 2007.

  1. Hash Making Method:

    1. Grind your tree for a minute in the grinder to make it really small (but not quite a powder)
    2. Get a piece of 8x11" paper fold it about 3/4" from the bottom.
    3. Spray/mist some water on it
    4. Flip the paper over and put your bud on the mostly dry/damp side of the paper.
    5. Ever been panning for gold? Tilt the paper on an angle and shake it ever so slowly until
    your bud has went to the bottom of the page.
    You'll notice that while shaking the paper the crystals will get stuck to the moist paper.
    Wait for the paper to dry (roughly 10-20 minutes) and use a card (debit card or even a playing card)
    to scrape the crystals off the paper into a press (or you can make finger hash :D)

    Note - you will need a lot of paper if you're making a large amount.
    The bigger the spot of water on the paper the more flimsy it will get, DONT DROP YOUR TREE!
    This works well, I just did it by accidently wetting a paper with trees on it. The crystals stuck
    so I waited for the page to dry and wahlah, i managed to come up with rougly 0.5 of crystals with 2.5g of tree.

    I hope this helps you out...
  2. its not really hash but it gets u stoned........ and how come no one replies? My ideas work damnit
  3. i would try it, but im dry :(
  4. i'm gonna give that a try, i'll let you know how it goes.
  5. then take your crystal and smoosh it into a ball with ur fingers

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