Easy Way to Get Lovebugs Off Your Car ->

Discussion in 'General' started by syntax13, Oct 8, 2007.

  1. For my whole life I've been scrubbing these little bastards off with a fingernail, trying windex, straight ammonia (which helps), simple green, and just about every household cleaner imaginable. It wasn't until 5 minutes ago that my dad bestowed on me the secret to getting to getting off lovebugs with minimal effort: bounce sheets. Yep, the same product familiar to any stoner who has used a sploof, discovered by his friend who owns a couple car washes. It works best if you rub it on and let the goey soapy stuff sit there; it dissolves the bug or bug gunk and a quick back and forth rub with a sponge or a towel is usually enough to take it off unless they are really old and well dried on there. And just FYI for anyone who doesn't know lovebugs do take the paint off if you leave em on there so its a good idea to get em off asap.

    Well just wanted to share cause I was so happy to discover this...
  2. are they actualy Bugs?
  3. Too bad that also scratches your clear coat to hell.
  4. No, I believe it is bug shit.
  5. weird, but i dont have that problem with bugs or birds...not one single bird has shitted on my black charger since the day i bought it...my other car gets shitted on all day long though.
  6. I just use meguires car soap and a buffer, it does the job for me pretty well

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