Easy to make edibles?

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  1. Hey blades, so I am 19 living with my 2 roommates in an apartment so one of them HATES cannabis. I've been wanting to make edibles for a while now but he refuses to let me.(lol) but since he pays his rent without any problems and is really easy to live with I out of respect don't make them. So does anyone know any easy to make edibles just something that will give me a good six hour high any suggestions would be appreciated. ( and make the least smell possible while making):p
  2. Okay. Get like a coffee mug.
    Melt some butter to fill like 1/4 of the coffee mug.

    Now microwave the butter once. until it bubbles.

    While microwaving, prepare ur weed. Get enough weed that would be coveredby the butter completely.

    Now microwave butter againuntil it boils and microwave butter for one last time for 10 secs.

    When u take it out it should be rreally hot. AND BOILING. boiling is important.
    Now put te weed in the coffee mug while the butter is still boiling hot fresh off the microwave.
    (make sure ur weed is broken up or ground. )

    Now get a toothpick and stir the shit. Make sure u stir it well and submerge all the weed.
    The mixture should be really hot for you to successfully create cannabutter.

    the chemical THC should now be activated and your butter is now potent. Let it cool down.

    After, you could either strain the weed and use it.

    OR don't strain it and eat the butter with the ground up weed in it. Just find something that would go well with it in a sammich maybe bacon or salami or whatever haha. just eat all the butter in one go for a good long high.

    It takes a while to kick in but you'll be high in 1-3 hours depending on metabolism and food intake.
    This method is very amateur and makeshift but it works and I used to do this when I was little and couldn't smoke indoors.
  3. Qwerferdy if I spelled it completely wrong sorry! Hot much cannabis would I need to use if I'm using mids to get a good stron high?
  4. ...Was going to post...see's Badkittysmiles in the viewer bar....fuck it
  5. Easy 2-Step Solution

    Step 1) Kill your roommate

    Step 2) Make Cannabutter

    *** Disclaimer: Do not kill your roommate.
  6. Firecrackers?

    I think so.
  7. Firecrackers and peanut butter cookies.That way you have an excuse for the smell.
  8. [quote name='"Up and away1235"']Qwerferdy if I spelled it completely wrong sorry! Hot much cannabis would I need to use if I'm using mids to get a good stron high?[/quote]

    If u want a strong high, use enough weed that the butter would completely cover it. So use equal parts butter and mids. Well that's what I used to do when I was young.. It works like a charm. Just make sure the butter is really hot.
    If you eat all the butter in one go with the weed unstrained, it should be a very strong hit.

    Enjoy man
  9. Firecrackers

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