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  1. What`s up guys,help me to choose a strong,forgiving for mistakes (because i am still a noob) potent and easy to grow strain for my outdoor grow. I need to be regular seeds because i want to keep seeds for the next year. So i am wondering between "Sensi Seeds" Norhtern Lights" and "Serious Seeds" "AK47"?
  2. northern lights is supposedly a very hardy plant. I don't speak from my own experience however- just observing others grows. try NL #5 from highgrade seeds. (or whatever u want, just suggestions here)
  3. check out green house seed comp. (church..big bang....a.m.s.)

    or l.s.d. is one of the most potent and forgivin outdoor strains check out worldwidemarijuanaseeds
  4. Hey Tribalsound. On my first grow, all my plants were AK derivitaves, and all of them were relatively forgiving. They recovered quickly from nute deficiencies, and it really took little work on my part (mind you with my current experience they would have produced much more). Also another strain I found was quite easy to grow was sweet tooth. It seems to be a pretty common strain on most seed sites.

    If you're in Canada I'd suggest going to BCseeds.com. That's where I usually get my stuff. They have growing difficulty rated for each of their strains. Although some of their strains are RIDICULOUSLY overpriced. But if you aim for their seeds that are like 70-200 bucks for a ten pack, I've always had great germination rates and the seeds seem to produce a good female to male ratio.

    So yeah, I haven't had really extensive growing experience, I'm on my third year (fourth grow) right now, so I still have much to learn. But my first plants all grew good. Also, personally I love the AK47 high and taste, plus it usually has a pretty high potency.

    Hope that helped, good luck

    Happy Tokin

  5. AK is mold suseptable,The NL will work,U might wanna try some timewarp,purple pineberry.These strains are known for takin abuse and still produceing

  6. About the mold suseptability, that's interesting. I've grown AK pure or cross-bred with other strains four times, and I've never had a mold problem. It's always produced good plants and I've had very few problems with it.
  7. It produces good smoke no doubt,where i'm at fall is alwaty wet so if it aint mold resistant/proof ur in for prob.I wont order seeds for outdoor unless it says mold resistant. Also for a firdt time grower I was tryin think of strains that are hardy
  8. Someone that I know quite well bought high tension and himalayan gold because they are hardy outdoor strains.

  9. Oh yeah I see what you mean. Most of the time I've grown it's been in a relatively dry environment lol
  10. himalayan gold b good choice never grew it myself but friends have and turned out good.and the dudes that grew it ain't exactly smartest or energetic
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    Friend your picking your strain for the wrong reason. When picking a strain you need to factor in more.

    What will be your grow conditions?

    Backyard grow or out in the sticks?

    When is the frost date in your area?

    Do you want 12 foot plants or short bushes?

    Do you have to worry about oders?


    Is your area wet? (Mold fighting strains)

    Things like that
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    Ok thanks for the advice friend. I live in South-Eastern Europe (Serbia),i will grow them in my backyard in soil,i know that the last frost is in the end of april,but i don`t know about the autumn. I preffer to be bushy (Indica). I don`t have to worry about the odour. And i wonna be forgiving for misstakes because i allways put too much fertilizer or too much pesticides and i burn the leaves all the time. So can you help me to choose a strain? i will buy them from Seedsman Homepage Seedsman - Cannabis And Marijuana Seeds because only they accept debit cards from my country.

    So which strain to choose : Black Widow from Mr. Nice http://www.seedsman.com/en/cannabis-seeds/mr-nice-seedbank/black-widow-seeds
    AK 47 from Serious Seeds http://www.seedsman.com/en/cannabis-seeds/serious-seeds/ak47-seeds
    or something else???
    I want the best balance between outdoor surviving / yield and THC content.

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