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  1. I'd just like to do a little bragging, my cousin is in Easy Star All Stars (reggae band, maybe a couple of you have heard of it) and my other cousin is in Phish bassist's Mike Gordon's band. And I met Mike Gordon, though I've never listened to Phish.

    Does anybody like either of these bands? Are you impressed with my family? :D
  2. You should start listening to Phish, straight up. I built my whole musical career over the guitar of Trey Anastasio.
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    If you speak the truth, then that is awesome.
    I agree, you should jam some phish
    Gordo is a good man, love the guy
    I also love his short stories

    Yes Dub side of the moon and Radiodread are masterpieces-

    2 Solid realations in the family tree!!

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