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  1. hiyall,

    i've got a bunch of 10 gal pots been sitting in a swamp since last fall. when i harvested i just chopped, maybe pulled out the stem, and left them.

    what's a good easy way to reuse these pots quickly? i was thinking of just chopping/turning the soil up a bunch with a shovel, top dressing with some compost, and adding a little lime/blood/bone meal b/c i already have them.

    it's getting real summery out so i'd like to gets some seedlings started in there as soon as possible.

    last year i re-used a few pots but did nothing to the soil and they didn't do very well. i suspect since the soil gets very saturated out there, that it was too compacted. maybe add some additional perlite to the pots?


    looking forward to smoking on that SwampTHang III
  2. It's hard to advise you without knowing what is going on.

    If your pots are actually in the swamp, then yeah, they'll probably too wet. Whether adding aeration medium to your soil will help is debatable.

    Your soil in your pot needs to be light and fluffy. Your pots need to not be sitting in swamp muck.

    Then there is the whole question of how good your soil mix (in the pots) is in in the first place.

    So many variables. Did your plants get enough sunlight for instance?

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