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    IMG_3172.JPG IMG_3173.JPG 1. Get a box, a razor, a dome light, cfl bulb and marker.
    2. Trace the dome over the top of the box (try and trace under the dome so the dome has something to rest on, exact trace and the dome will be flush and fall onto your seedling)
    3. Use razor to cut traced circle.
    3a. Add vent holes to your preference
    4. Attach dome light and plug in.

    5. Get seed, prescription bottle, soil, water, spray bottle
    5a. Drainage on bottom of bottle
    5b. Put seed in water for your preference of time (10 mins to 24 hours)
    6. Add dirt to bottle
    7. Add seed to top of soil layer
    8. Mist for 30 sprays or until water comes out drainage holes
    9. Place bottle in the middle of box
    10. Wait a few days, when the seedling starts growing, turn the light on and keep on for 24 hours until the plant is too tall for the box and now you may transplant the plug into a step up growing medium.

    If you want to add computer fans that is cool but it's just a seed starter so it should only be in there for maybe two-three weeks?

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