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  1. Hello all.. Finally got my 400watt HPS In the mail, it's running in my closet right now. As of now I have 2 Easy Ryders under the light, in solo cups. I just transferred them from my friends t5 8bulb fixture. The temps in my closet are about ~85-87 degrees with a 60% Humidity. I do not have a box, or a growcab. it is just hanging in my closet. I have one 9" Fan in there directly on the babies... I have some questions"

    -- how far above the babies should the HPS be ?
    -- What should I set my timer for, which hours are ideal to let it sleep and what not.
    -- what else can I do to cool it down in there, i'm thinking cool air intake is my only option.

  2. --hey dude not sure on the distance for the HPS but as their only babies(i guess as they in cups) id keep that light quite a lil distance till they bit stonger,

    --just set your timer for what ever lighting scedual ur using(they dont 'have' to sleep & defo dont have certain times they like to sleep lol) or dont bother with timer if u got em on 24/7 ( or if ur going straight to flower then set it for 12/12)

    --yes u need to sort out ventilation inline/exhaust etc with that light,

    but main thing id say now is dont fry ur babies with that light being to close (u could put them under CFL's for few days while u sort those temps, just an idea)

    hope thats some help
  3. Have no CFLs.. this is my only option. I just raised the light to about 2 FT Above the solo cups, and put the fan directly on the babies. Still about 85-90 degrees in there. I'm gonna pick up another FAN tommoro and throw it in there, i'm still contemplating a cool air intake but don't wanna fuck shit up in my closet :-x. Right now its just hanging from chains and hooks and sitting in my closet, i have no enclosure. Ideas?
  4. ok im just trying to think as i havent used HID lighting yet, those temps are quite bad ive fryed a plant in the past with temps over 90 let alone babies, im not dissing ur idea but putting an extra fan in there wont do to much as it will just circulate the already hot air(but hey y not it can only help!) the only thing i can think of is a 'cool tube' for the light think thats the name it still needs fans but will control temps & i think it also allows u to put plants bit closer than usual(dont hold me to that lol)
  5. ya the hood i got isnt cooltube-able, I'm gonna keep the closet door open when the lights on to let out the stale air and bring in cooler air in.. hopefully it works. Worse comes to corse i can run a vinyl tube outside and pull cool air in all winter, and hopefully balance out the temps
  6. fair enough dude i hope u stay on top of those temps, if i think of anything that may help il let u know lol

    good luck with ur grow dude & take it easy
  7. For the height of the light I heard if you can't keep the backside of your hand under there very long then it's too close.
  8. Yeah, ventilation is a big deal when growing indoors which really seems to surprise a lot of people. One thing you can do in the short run is to freeze a bunch of water bottles and rotate them out in the room, they will help moderate temps somewhat. Eventually those bitches will start to stink and unless you live in a cave in BFE you are gonna need a quality fan and a carbon filter...

  9. Yes I know, i'm gonna build a DIY Carbon filter and put either a piece of plywood vertically, kind of a "False wall" to conceal the light, and install a DIY Carbon filter exhaust back out of the plywood wall into the closet, which should help the smell a bit. When I opened my closet door the temps droppd to around 80, so that is a viable option for now. Smell will be an issue so we need to get something designed for that
  10. I'm in pretty much the same position as you are, growing in a closet without a grow box. I was considering a 400w hps as well, but I'm sticking with CFL's until I can figure out a solution to the heat problem.

    What are the dimensions of your closet?

    As far as smell is concerned, if you don't have a sealed off grow box then a carbon filter will pretty much be useless. You might want to look into an Ona bucket set-up, which is what I plan on doing.

    (Ona Gel + Soil Moist + Water | All in a bucket or container with a fan on top of the container blowing out.)

  11. Yeah I would just keep opening the closet up, but failing that option, a good duct fan/carbon filter set up is pretty much the best thing you can do. It will also help to get fresh air to plants as they will eventually use up all the CO2 in their space if the air isnt changed regularly
  12. Hello all. Temps peaking around 88-90 with the door open, Looks like i'm going to have to build a box and get a intake/exhaust system going. Cool air intake or exhausting air directly to the outside is a viable option, we'll see wut happens.

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