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Easy Ryder/Diesel Ryder, Purple lady, Red Dragon Closet Grow

Discussion in 'Indoor Grow Journals' started by LittleGreenMan1, Sep 14, 2009.

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    See page 65 for harvest pics of la woman and red dragon!

    See page 60 AT THE BOTTOM for pictures of the current setup! :bolt:

    Hey guys! Today is the day. I'm officially starting my grow journal. :hello: I recently got the legal work figured out for this medical grow and we got the green light, so let the games begin.


    3- 5 gallon buckets
    6- 3 gallon buckets
    33 gallons of fox farms ocean forest/happy frog soil (mixed with 50% peralite)
    tarp as dropcloth
    50' 2'' thick mylar coating for walls
    ph, tester (soil)
    tons of seeds from attitude
    400w Metal Halide 6500kelvin bulb
    400w High pressure sodium 2700kelvin bulb
    125w compact fluorecent 6500kevlin bulb (w/ fixture :p)
    20' 4'' ducting
    4'' 200cfm inline fan (sunleaves windtunnel)
    4'' activated carbon scrubber (for odor control)

    Flora Nova Grow
    Flora Nova Bloom
    Liquid Light Foliar Spray (hopefully in a week or so)
    B'cuzz root enhancer

    Seeds :

    ORDER #1
    Order Summary:
    Order Date/Time: Aug 27 2009, 03:21 AM

    Lowryder Easy Ryder AKA Lowryder #2 x AK47
    Feminized Seeds Per Pack - 03 seeds EASD58 1 £26.99
    Pick & Mix Seeds / Buddha Seeds Red Dwarf Feminized
    Pick & Mix Seeds per pack - 01 Seeds PICK AND MIX SEEDS 1 £8.99
    Pick & Mix Seeds / Buddha Seeds White Dwarf Feminized
    Pick & Mix Seeds per pack - 01 Seeds PICK AND MIX SEEDS 1 £8.99
    UFO 1 Dinafem Moby Dick
    free Seed 1 FREEFreebie/BOGOF
    UFO 2 Dinafem Seeds Roadrunner Autoflowering
    UFO 2 Dinafem Powerkush
    Free Seed 1 FREEFreebie/BOGOF

    ORDER #2

    Product Product Code Quantity Price
    Lowryder Diesel Ryder
    Reg Seeds Per Pack - 10 Seeds THEG21 1 £42.99
    Pick & Mix Seeds / Barney's Farm Utopia Haze Feminized
    Pick & Mix Seeds per pack - 01 Seeds PICK AND MIX SEEDS 1 £9.99
    Pick & Mix Seeds / G13 Labs Purple Lady Feminized
    Pick & Mix Seeds per pack - 01 Seeds PICK AND MIX SEEDS 1 £5.99
    Pick & Mix Seeds / Barney's Farm Red Dragon Feminized
    Pick & Mix Seeds per pack - 01 Seeds PICK AND MIX SEEDS 1 £9.99
    UFO 1 DNA LA Woman Feminized
    DNA-031 1 FREEFreebie/BOGOF
    FREB23 1 FREEFreebie/BOGOF
    UFO 3 DNA LA Confidential Feminized
    DNAC63 1 FREEFreebie/BOGOF

    As you guys can see I have quite a few strains to choose from. I have chosen to grow the LA confidential, purple lady and the Red Dragon in the 5 gallon pots and the Easy ryder / diesel ryder in the 3 gallon pots.

    I plan on having the lights on 20/4 for the first 11 weeks (to bring the auto's all the way through flower), that will clear out a lot of space and i can take clones off of the other 3 strains i have to fill in my garden. (after the first crop the grow will be expanded to a second closet (one for veg one for flower).

    I have 6 pots full of FFOF and 3 full of FFHF so i'll be doing a side by side test with same nute schedule for both so see which yields better results.

    I'll be making full daily updates with as many pictures as I can squeeze in. I'll be here everyday to answer anyones questions or to take any advice as this is my first official grow.:eek:

    The seeds are scheduled to arrive tomorrow so this is day x-1. just the briefing for you guys before the light turns on.

    Any tips or anything before I get going, now's your chance to speak. Wish me luck, I'm goin in....:wave:

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  2. My favorite pics. (keep in mind there are only 9 pots ,and shiny mylar.

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  3. Ok, also, those plants in the first picture are some salvia divinorums that i'll be moving outside. I am aware the CFL's in the pic with the salvias are only 23w , they were only in there cause i didn't wanna run the 400w'er just for the salvia's. now that the soiled up pots are in there, the saliva's and CFL's are out. I have the Hydrofarm 125w cfl in the mail currently so pics to come soon!
  4. 0/15 people pulled up chairs. !!Grow fail!!
  5. im pulling up a chair.

    learning experience with cfls.
  6. Yoshi! We meet again. Thanks for the chairpull, i hoping to collect a large audience with the obcene amount of pictures I plan on attaching to this grow. You said you wanted to know about CFL grow's? What specifically about them were you interested in?
  7. how many per plant. hieghts. how much heat each bulb produces. simple things i guess. ima sponge so start spillin!
  8. WEll, general rule of thumb, you want 100W for the first plant and maybe 30-50 for each additional plant. You want 6500K (daylight CFLS) for vegitative state and 2700k (warm) for flowering.

    I'm not sure what you mean by heights, you can put CFLS literally 2-3 inches from the plant as the heat they produce is so miniscule. as long as you have a little fan on the bulbs they basically are warm to the touch.

    Its good to have a ratio of 3:2 WARM TO DAYLIGHT ratio during flowering if you want to take that extra.

    just a recommendation. get the hydrofarm 125W cfl bulb with fixutre. its alot easier than having 6 or 7 CFL bulbs rigged up into one large fire hazard. much simpler and about .80 cents per watt if you order from
  9. :hello::hello:Just got the seeds!!:hello::hello:

    Got here right on time :p

    just a reminder:
    EasyRyder (3)
    Red Dwarf
    White Dwarf

    Freebies :
    DNA LA Confidential
    DNA Sour Cream
    DNA La woman

    I'll be using the paper towel method to germinate. I have a brita filter in my fridge, i'll take it out and pour a glass, wait for it to warm up to room temp. then soak a paper towel in it. take the paper towel out and wrap the seeds up in it. throw the folded towel in a ziplock and put it in a dark place for 24 hours, then check and update again.

    today is a good day !:D

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  10. Just wanted to mention that Attitute is known for switching out its freebies on you without notice, thats why the OP and the update have different freebies,. but whos complaining right?
  11. I'm pulling up a chair. I'm interested in doing something similar in the future.

    And as far as the switching out of freebies goes, this month's freebies are the best i've ever seen. Normally they're from second rate breeders, but DNA Genetics is consistantly top-notch.
  12. sweet! thanks appleseed! i'll answer any questions you have. i'm as excited as yo uare about this! actually no. . . much more. :smoke:
  13. im ordering from attitude. seems like the way to go..whats the best shipping method? did you get the shirt? was it some throw away shirt or a actual attitude shirt
  14. I'll stay tuned for this one! Just started my own grow about a week ago. I'm really interested in your Red dragon, It was either that or the blue cheese and I chose the blue cheese. Also, how many plants do you plan on having under your 400 hps for flowering?
  15. :wave:ill be following this.

    looks like a great set up
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    [ i plan on having as many plants as i can fit under the 400w mh and i'm thinking about upgrading to a 600w hps for flowering of 9 plants, not sure about the entire plan yet. all i know is i have a 125w 6500k bulb w/ fixture and a 400w 6500k bulb w/ fixture. i ordered a 400w eye hortilux hps bulb to swap out for flowering but i can always sell it when i upgrade, if i do (suggestions on a long term plan?, i have 2 closets, but only 1 setup as of now)]

    anyways, updates !!!:hello:

    i germinated the seeds last night, well started to at least, using the paper towel method. just took my brita water, let it warm up to room temp. wrapped the seeds in a paper towel, threwum in a ziplock and in a drawer, should crack in about 2-3 days i hear.

    but TODAY (5 mins ago lol) my 125w light came

    the UPS guy laughed when i signed for it and we exachanged a session of eye contact that was like (muahahaahahah good luck partner)

    I'll probably setup teh 2nd closet with that new 125w light sometime this week but i'm in no hurry b/c i have that 400w mh 4 feet above the seedlings i have for now. i've been really busy with school (business admin mgt&ops major, classes getting insane in jr. year)

    i have to wait for that second package to arrive before i get worried about fixing up more pots and setting up the other closet.

    i'm really eager to post these pics so if i forgot anything and i remember i'll be sure to update later.

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  17. good deal. when i move i want to get mh and hps lights.

    dude UPS guys know stoners. majority of them are stoners.
    everyone i ever saw delivering stuff was baked
  18. bhahhahaa fooooor sure.
  19. Huh-uh, watching carefully :)
  20. Hmm, don't know about that - they're probably required to do drops, like other drivers/operators of many thousand pounds of rolling steel!

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