Easy ryder auto odor control for single plant closet

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  1. Setup.
    Strain: easy ryder autoflowering
    Lights: 2 - 5000k cfl (they had no 6500) 2 - 2700l cfl 1 - red and blue LED (this is all for one plant)
    Helix control tempature thermostat set at 77 degrees (as per joint doctors recommendation) with ceramic heater
    1 fan for air circulation and even heat distribution as the closet is 8 feet tall
    Closet - 8' x 18" x 18" (its a utility closet.)

    Only growing one plant at a time. its 4 days old and already 3 inches tall. now my question is on odor control. as the closet is so tall and its in a basement and my lights emmitt almost no heat (reason for the heater without it its like 60 degrees) so there is no need for and i would say counter productive to heat control to have an exhaust fan, and the closet isnt completely sealed (ie around the door, under the door) and to keep it guerilla i cant add exhaust anyway, whats the best way to control the odor to come? if i used an old computer fan or a larger fan, or simply the fan i have in there know and placed carbon filters over the back or front of the fans and it just circulated in the closet would the filter work? or maybe put a small computer fan in a tube stuff the tube full of carbon filter, seal the end with carbon filter then hung it from the ceiling do you think id be covered?

    any word on how bad the auto easy ryder will be?

    thanks all...
  2. You're going to need an exhaust and intake.... you need fresh air exchange

    Either use a simple carbon sheet/pad filter on the exhaust, or use ONA buckets. Or google DIY carbon filter and build one.
  3. thanks s7exiled.

    intake and exhaust is not possible for me. there is air echange with the heater and the closet being so tall. at the top of the closet os a pipe that goes outside and it has about a 1 inchopening all the way around it. under the closet door is a crack that is about a half inch tall that kool air flows in under warms up rises and out the hole at the top of the closet so air exchange is happening. im not concerned with that. im concerned with even though the closet is pretty much negative pressure will that one plant still stink up my basement. its only suppose to be a 2 foot tall plant. i cant cut holes inside otr outside the closet. must remain as is.
  4. Well make sure that there is in fact negative pressure, because otherwise with any circulating air fan it will leak the smell everywhere. I can't comment on whether you think your seemingly passive intake/exhaust will circulate the air enough, but you better make sure since it's a critical component (cycling the air out constantly)

    The smell really depends on the strain, low odor genetics like NL5/WW are good since you can't smell them unless you put your nose up to the bud. The ambient smell is non-distinct so it's one of the best in my opinion.

    Easy ryder? I don't know you could google to find out, I know diesel ryder smelled ridiculously strong.

  5. perhaps ill rig something up to force the air out around the pipe thats already pointing outside. its gonna be a pain in the ass cause its an iron pipe with no give, but with air exchange that important and your right with the circulating fan, i better get on it before she blooms in 2 or 3 weeks. thanks man. i better make sure its negative pressure with air flow like ya said. good points. got me thinking now. thanks

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