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Easy, Quick, Effective weed tea

Discussion in 'Incredible, Edible Herb' started by weednbeer, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. EQE the three big ones to all stoners. Ingesting weed is a lot of fun, and provide a different buzz that lasts longer and generally has better effects compared to smoking. Waiting 45 minutes to bake brownies, or even 20 minutes to make firecrackers is worth it.

    BUT, i hate waiting for them and they can get somewhat complicated for someone who is high.

    Here is a quick tutorial on how to make simple and even better weed tea:


    .5 gram of finely ground bud OR about a table spoon of roughly broken stem (don't make into powder)

    1/2 a teaspoon of butter, or enough to barely cover your bud

    1 cup of boiling water

    1 tea bag (orange pekoe is my fav)


    **Now here is your time to decide, do you want to get fully ripped and take a little extra time or save time for a nice calm buzz? if you want to get high use the bud, if time is restricting you, use stem.

    1) take your stems or bud and drop into an average sized mug.
    2) put the butter in and microwave just until it melts and becomes hot (12-15 seconds ONLY)
    3) Take your boiled water and pour it in. Good idea to boil before you start putting the weed in the microwave.
    4) Stir for 15-30 seconds. the water will turn greenish.
    5) strain out your bud. if you used stems here is the easy part. Just pick them out whole and squeeze any juice left in them. The reason you broke them was so the water could soak into it better.
    6)add tea bag and wait a few seconds til the water has absorbed the tea or w.e
    7)sweeten with some sugar and drink up:hello:. the stems actually do provide a GOOD high. I love it because you can walk around, go for a jog or anything. No couch lock involved here. once you add the bud in, couch lock may happen due to the CBD bud has.

    this may look like it would take like 5-10 minutes but i just made it in about 2. This is my first post btw (or so i believe, haven't been on in half a year atleast) and im ripped so take it easy on me lol. :smoke::smoke:
  2. Butter in tea?

  3. sounds nasty but you have to, THC grabs hold to fats and oils. If it was just water it wouldnt be very effective. Also, firecrackers aren't the tastiest things around either.. It actually tastes good, dont knock it til ya try it.
  4. Dude, putting a bit of butter in tea is really common in parts of the south here in America, and lots of places in southern asia. It's really not bad, it's not oily like you're probably thinking, its more like using a bit of cream.
  5. I was gonna say its similar to milk but cream is a much better example. butter + marijuana tastes good believe it or not. Its not like its jsut water and butter LOL
  6. i made the most delishus weed tea with some grounded herb, cream and peppermint tea bag it was so good
  7. I'm guessing margarine wouldnt be the same ? :confused::smoke:
  8. anyone try this yet??
  9. So i just tried this. I used a little less than .5 but followed the directions. This will smell but does have an effect. I smoke several times a day and it def help relax me before bed. Its not like smoking a bowl but is still pretty good. worth a try. :D
  10. This is an awesome recipie man! I am definitely going to be drinking some tea this afternoon when I get home from work haha!

    This is definitely a nice way to get high!
  11. Ya man, the real way would be to skip the microwave and simmer the weed, water and butter together but that takes too long. The convenience of this is worth it lol. good way to start off a sesh, especially when you catch a buzz then smoke a bowl. def gives a good body and head high
  12. also for the question about the margarine. ive heard people say no it wont work because it isn't the same. Yet, in theory it should. The thc is fat soluble. Also it is soluble in oil and alcohol. Because margarine contains an assortment of oils, it should work. maybe not as well though.
  13. Margarine will work to grab the fat (some of the threads in the edible section actually recommend margarine over butter since its just fluffy oil), but it won't taste as good. At all. Especially if you can get some good cream butter, nice and sweet for the tea. Margarine just turns into vegetable oil when it melts.
  14. i tried this with like 1.2 of dank and 10 pretty decent sized stems. didnt really do much. i have failed with edibles like 7 times now. wtf GC?
  15. Might try this tomorrow morning, for op and those that have tried this recipe, on a scale from 1 to 10 how high were you (using bud)???
  16. wow nice idea! il try this soon good post OP
  17. society would blame the marijuana
  18. and marijuana would blame society :D:smoke:
  19. so i litterally just tried this. looking back at your post though, you said finely ground bud. i hand broke it up as small as i could. i definitely think its going to work regardless, but im curious to see if finer ground bud would be better to cook with... hmmmm
  20. ^^ i think finer ground bud would work better since that'll let it spread out more when boiling and allow more THC to get out of it, in lesser time at least

    also, for those saying butter in tea would be nasty, you dont have to use butter, for tea/coffee you can also use heavy cream, anything that has enough fat in it will do. even just whole milk will do, but thats not as fatty so of course will take longer.

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