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Discussion in 'Gardening' started by Apu42, May 10, 2011.

  1. I just bought some cilantro seeds for my garden. At first I just wanted some cheap smoke but I'm realizing how much fun gardening itself can be! Any suggestions on some easy plants? I heard tomatoes can grow just about anywhere-- that would be fun. Are cucumbers easy to grow? I'm really enjoying this :)
  2. You want to smoke or eat?
  3. Basil is easy to grow in your kitchen window sill. Strawberries are pretty easy too. And peas.

  4. Read the original post again. I want to grow smoke to smoke smoke--'I want to grow other plants for the variety/entertainment factor.

    When I was a kid I looked up to Kurt Cobain. I started playing guitar because I wanted to play Nirvana songs. After awhile I wanted to learn lots of different types of music making me the well rounded musician I am today. What started as me wanting to learn the songs of my favorite group turned into me learning lots of songs by lots of groups of various styles. I think there's a big difference between a gardener and someone who knows how to grow weed, just as there's a difference between a musician and someone who knows how to play a few Nirvana songs. But I guess there has to be an innate desire for more.

  5. Basil huh? I love the smell of freshly cut basil, I have to cut it all the time at work :)

    I always assumed strawberries would be difficult since they're kinda expensive. I'm going to look into that:)
  6. Cannabis also got me interested in growing vegetables.

    Strawberry plants are one of my favorites. Also easy to grow.

    Tomatoes, onions, cabbages, peppers, all pretty easy.

    onions are extremely easy to grow. Just plant them, and they'll grow like weeds until you have an onion.
  7. I assumed that at first, too. But strawberry plants grow fast and easy. Its just a viney plant with green three fingered leaves. Small flowers are how the berries start. The flower will lose it's pedals, then start to grow into a strawberry.

    There's two different kinds of plants...

    -Everbearing: Plants produce berries throughout the growing season, starting with a harvest in early June through early October.

    -June Bearing: Plants produce a single crop of larger berries during a two to three week period in the spring.

    I prefer the Everbearing strains. Since you can have small harvests over and over again all year.
  8. I just got done planting 4 rows of onions and I now realize I planted them upside down. I planted the onion sets with the pointy side down and they should've been planted pointy side up. Does anyone know if they will still grow? It probably wouldn't take me too long to plant new sets over again the right way. Can't believe I f'd that up. I've been gardening for several years.
  9. i agree that you should grow some basil either basil or comfrey(can't remember which) yeilds like thousands of tonnes an acre so one plant is plenty for one family
    basil is real easy
    strawberries are easy enough, they can take cold and they come back everyyear so generally it's best to set aside a seperate plot for them and let them fill in, though because it will be a monoculture bed, you'll likely have to compost or mulch once a year, like when they die back
    tomatoes are great
    heres so0me stuff i highly reccomend you look up:
    square foot gardening
    permaculture and permaculture gardening
    heirloom seeds, why save seed stuff like that, a good site for info and knowledge is: realseeds.co.uk
    like i said, all of the above is highly recommended by me, those three things are some of the most important things to me
    one thing that i'm still learning three years into gardening: DON'T OVERWATER easier said then done in my case
  10. Radish's are probably the easiest thing in the world to grow !
  11. just keep radishes fairly cool, early and late vegetable, they should only take one month from seed, if they get too hot they could be hard
    they grow too long they could get too hot
    but yes radishes are pretty easy, carrots too
  12. Yes, just try it, i think it will be not very hard for newbie :)

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