Easy Organic Soil Mix for Beginners

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by InTheGarden, Oct 2, 2012.

  1. Howdy
    I'm a newby and have got to page 40 something in this thread.
    I was hoping I could figure this out on my own but I don't want to mess this up.
    Thanks Inthegarden for starting this and for your beginners recipe
    That being said..
    I've been gathering amendments and am hoping one of you wise souls
    could help me out.
    My base soil is 4 bags or 7 c.f. Black gold soil
    2 c.f. Coco
    2 c.f. EWC
    10 gal of large grade perlite

    W.hitney F.arms brand chicken manure
    3lbs. W.F. Alfalfa 2-0.3-2
    3lbs. W.F. Bone meal 6-8-0
    3lbs. W.F. Blood meal 12-0-0
    4lbs. Epsoma brand tomato tone
    Down to Earth brand
    6lbs. Azomite
    6lbs. Fish bone meal 3-16-0
    5lbs. granular humid acid
    5lbs. Néem seed meal 6-1-2
    4oz. of Mycro Fusion
    Epsom salts
    I know I'm not to worry about the NPK amounts but thought I'd include
    all my info.
    I realize I have 2 bone meal products ( I can return one )
    and I'm sure I'm leaving some important ingredients out.
    I haven't opened any of these amendments so I can always return
    anything next time I get into town
    Thanks in advance
  2. First things first, to save yourself problems down the road, do NOT include the coco in your mix. We'll get into other stuff later but, coco+bottled nutes=fine. Coco+organic amendments=way less than fine.

    For the bone meal, *I* use the cheaper of the 2, but YMMV.

    Can you source the regular 'horticultural grade' perlite? It actually works better for aeration than the chunky stuff, but the chunky works a treat as a mulch.

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  3. Wet dog My soil, ewc,coco and perlite are already mixed up
    So that train has left the station
    Will definitely return one of the bone meals.
  4. @Humple You're not alone. I have the same effects on my canopy too. It's the bed's second run and funky fan leaves just appeard in the veg tent too. [​IMG]
  5. Hey Bugsy I forgot to ask is this mix good to plant a seed straight into? Or should I layer it with the mix half the pot and the other half reg soil?
  6. Yes you can put seeds straight into Pro mix but without all of the added ingredients just use straight up promix and don't fertilize for the first 3 weeks as it has fertilizer in it already then you can up pot into 50% modified promix 50% standard Pro mix then once the plants have filled out a 1 gallon pot with roots you should be good to go into the soil amended with all of the stuff suggested in the first post as long as it has been watered and cooked for 2 to 4 weeks
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  7. Nice! Good looking out Bugsy! Hey also would it be good to replace the Pro mix with Spaghum Peat moss since it's cheaper?
  8. For me Pro mix has always made life easier, you can get peat moss and then add oyster or Dolomite lime to raise the pH and add perlite and vermiculite and beneficial fungi... but after doing all that any savings are gone

    My motto is cheap is expensive
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  9. Been trying to dig around and find some info on this compost(HopCompost) I've come by on a couple occasions now....haven't been able to find any talk about it specifically with cannabis.

    Here's a couple quotes from one of the articles I've read through;
    The only analysis listed is 2.5-0.6-1.5 with 76%OM & 41% moisture.

    Everything I've read so far is a positive review, don't think I've actually seen a negative review of any sort....wondering what peoples thoughts are on this compost?
    Hop Compost
  10. Looks pretty fancy romulan, If I were in canada and looking for compost, I'd probably just spend the 10 bucks, and if it's the worst toss it, if it's the best keep it, if it's average, it's still compost and worth having around.
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  11. After paying $20 for a bag of Malibu compost I am a big believer in composting myself, blend your food scraps and mixed with horse bedding pellets which are sawdust and within a month you have nice compost
  12. Hey jerry how much chickenmanure pellets would you add to 1cf of already mixed soil with part composted horse manure/worm humus as part of base mix....thanks advanced !
  13. I’d think a couple cups would work pretty great... just be sure the horse manure is well composted - and the soil should be well aerated.

  14. Thanks for that jerry...one more question how much in one gallon of water for irrigating.....
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    I never measure and just play it by ear to be honest. If you’ve got chicken manure already in your soil mix then you probably wouldn’t need to make a tea unless you’re seeing that the plants just need a boost. For the most part, if you’re making a good soil based on quality compost and a few basic soil amendments you really should just need clear water.

    That said, it usually doesn’t hurt to throw a little
    Bit here and there into your water either. A good fistful in a 4-5 gallln pail is usually enough.the rule of thumb is around a quarter cup per gallon with most amendments whether it’s kelp, Neem, chicken manure etc. Let it set aside for a day or even two, stirring occasionally. If you’ve got a fish tank air pump you can let that run and won’t need to stir much because it keeps the water moving.

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  16. Wow, Isn't that going to be kinds hot adding chicken manure to the soil which already has horse manure ?
    If I were you i'd leave out the chicken manure cause that soil will be very high in Nitrogen and could wind up burning your plants...just a thought
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  17. It ALL comes down to making sure that whatever manure is added is already composted.

    I use any of several (composted) chicken manure pellets - “Sup R Green” and Chickity Doo Doo” come to mind.
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  18. I used this soil mix as my first try at organic soil grow years ago with mixed results.
    The results were so mixed I ended up going back to the hempy bucket for a while
    I am now on my 2nd run of notill, and not looking back. I think notill would be easier start for newbies.
    This is just my personal experience and yours may vary

    Either way
    Grow On!!!
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  19. Agree. Organic growing forgives noob mistakes. From my personal xp too, with a deficient soil mix.
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  20. Got some crushed oyster shells to balance out the pH of my single run used peat moss do any of you have any experience with oyster shell as the liming agent? What kind of application rates are you using?

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