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  1. OK thx that clears things up for me 100%.
  2. I'm gonna use this mix for my first grow, its also gonna be outdoor. Tonight i mixed up the peat moss, lime, and plant tone. Didn't water though cause us gonna rain in a few days (bad idea or its fine) apparently craigs list doesn't have ewc and since the fresh cow manure i have access to is supposed to be bad and i don't know any grow shops around here, i may have to get store compost.. Also Lowes, HD, or Wmart, doesn't have non MG perlite so would prerinsing it pass or its fine regardless. Hope i don't have to crappy of an grow
  3. HD and Lowe's should both have perlite, vermeculite(probably spelled wrong), or pumice. I know HD has lava rocks that you can use as an aeration amendment.

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    They do carry perlite - (and vermiculite)

    THERMOROCK 2 cu. ft. Coarse Grade Perlite Model # 489701 Internet # 202187623 Store SKU # 216847 Store SO SKU#
    Overall rating
    4 / 5 . Rating breakdown 28 reviews5 stars174 stars33 stars22 stars31 star3
    Quality 4 / 5 .Value 4 / 5 .
    16 out of 24(67%)reviewers recommend this product.
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    $16.97 / EA-Each

    $17.00 for the big 2 CF bags of coarse perlite is a pretty good deal.

    Home Depot also is now carrying what may be a decent compost for folks that may not have access to "the good stuff" - although I have not personally used it.

    EcoScraps 1 cu. ft. White Compost Mix 28.0369.1922.1 at The Home Depot

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONEcoScraps Soils are truly organic with no artificial chemicals or manure added. EcoScraps soils contain nutrient levels as high or higher than chemical or poop based alternatives, but without the chemicals or the poop. EcoScraps soils boast extremely high levels of microbial activity coupled with manure-free organic matter. EcoScraps soils are premium quality, safe, and environmentally friendly. Learn more about EcoScraps and the positive impact that your purchase has on the environment at their website.

    No poop and no chemicals
    100% safe for people, pets, and planet
    Premium quality soils with high nutrient levels
    Made from over 25 different fruits and veggies that otherwise would go to the landfill

    At six bucks a CF I bet at the very least it'd be great for an outdoor garden.

    Another Home Depot product Ive heard good stuff about is the EcoSmart Organic Insect Killer - EcoSmart 32 oz. Ready To Spray Insect Killer-33115 at The Home Depot

    Contains Rosemary, Peppermint & Wintergreen oils. Id suggest getting the concentrate though and not the spray bottle.

  5. I jus got my worm casting today.
    One problem though, upon opening the package, I find little small worms still inside of it.
    I'm not sure if there's a lot in there or few, but they're in there.

    I was planning on making tea and using it in my new soil mix,
    but now having doubts.

    I mix my soil wit a sharp gardening tool. What if I kill them?
    But of course my main concern is will it be okay for the plants to share the soil with these creatures?
  6. I think youre good... the worms wont harm your plants. I assume its normal in worm farming that worms die and end up in the castings, often but not always digested by the others. the worms might rot in a weird way in the tea though, Id probably try sifting them off for that.
  7. Hm i'm a little concerned. I mean they look like earth worms but very small size.
    some are really tiny. I find there's a lot more than I thought.
    I think the tiny ones are babies, so obviously there are eggs and little ones producing more babies in the worm castin.

    Ah this company never mentioned there were actual worms in their casting.
  8. Read the reviews for that compost Jerry. Seems the bags are inconsistent (imagine that) as far as quality, and one guy reports getting aphids after using it, another bought lots of bags all full of PM. I was going to buy some but they don't sell it at any HD even NEAR me...then read the reviews. Whew!!!

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  9. You're correct, it ought to be thirds. It cannot be edited at this point, though. GC is very clear about that. Not to mention ITG has been AWOL.

    My guide in my Sig is the same as this, but with correct numbers and step by step pictures included. :)
  10. Worms and plants love eachother, so no worries there. They actually help by making areas for the roots to extend, and also they leave behind a nutrient slime as they keep cycling the nutrients in your soil throughout the grow.

    Also, when I make homemade castings/teas there are almost always worms/cocoons in it that end up making their way to the soil. All for the better IMO. Red composting worms are smaller than traditional fishing nightcrawlers. Annnddddd...worms regenerate fairly well after being cut. "the cut worm forgives the plow", but put that tool away and feel the dirt!

    Hope any of that helps. If it was me, I'd be stoked.
  11. I don't think well see ITG again...maybe in the Truckee Mts.... I think I knew her in real life but I'm not 100%. Just too coincadental she's been gone since the day this girl who grew around me moved. They talked a lot alike.. like word for work quoting
  12. Damn, thats crazy. It is a small world..lol
    Anywho wassup all ;-)?
    Is there a way to know my soil is too hot, before putting my babies in it? TIA... :)

  13. HEll yeah, I've heard of people Letting the worms live in the pot With the plant. Think about it! Ewc constantly being refreshed, crazy population of microbes in the soil...

  14. yeah you can just throw some leaves or something like that on there to feed the worms and theyre gonna deliver their shit right down into the soil.
  15. I'm not really sure you can test/know its too hot. How long have you let it cycle for?

    If its been like 2-3 weeks you can try transplanting one of your bigger/healthier plants into the mix and see how he/she reacts before TPing everything :smoking:
  16. How does everyone let their soil mix sit?

    I ask because I mixed my soil a month ago Saturday and watered it with an EWC/molasses tea. I added water as well because it still wasn't that moist with just the tea.

    Probably two weeks after that it felt very dry so I added some more water and stirred it around to get it nice and moist again. Was this necessary? Should I be keeping it moist constantly?
  17. If you have any free time stop by a store buy some bean seeds and plant them. If they sprout and grow well for a week and don't burn or die then your soil is A OK.

  18. Keeping it moist would be the best to keep the microbial life alive. I had the same problem where the top of my soil would get wet but I didn't add enough to soak all the way to the bottoms so I had to add more water and mix it well so I didn't miss any spots. :)

    My soil is still cooking til the middle if April.


  19. Yeah it needs to be evenly moist throughout the process. If you can squeeze water out of a handful, it's too wet. Just moist. Also, if it's in a rubbermaid type tub, it's necessary to mix it around like once a week so the bottom doesn't go anaerobic. I leave my lid just loosely placed on the tub sideways so it's not sealed, and stir it quite often just because I like playing with dirt.
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  20. Great suggestion. You could also go buy a potted plant from a nursery and see if it thrives in your mix, or just plant/transplant an "extra" mj plant you have on hand?

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