easy onthego bubbler filling

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  1. Ever get tired of having to pour extremely carefully and slowly to fill up your bubbler or other waterpiece? Do you always end up overflowing it anyway and spilling water everywhere?

    well now there's a solution.

    simply take a water bottle (i recommend poland spring for their thin caps)
    take the cap off
    using a pen, poke a hole through the cap
    put the cap back on
    now you have an easy to control, slow-filling, thin-streamed pouring device
    you can even fill it from the carb so your bowl doesnt get wet :eek:
    note: i recommend having an extra cap (without a hole) on hand to reclose the bottle

    happy tokin
  2. I like this idea. And I always fill my bubblers through the carb.
  3. gong bubs ftw!

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