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  1. Hey GC,

    so my buddy and i have been blazing for a while now, but never really thought about growing. anyways some guy offered to sell him a clone (of Afghan Kush) for next to nothing so he picked it up and it's now growing outside.

    it's probably just less than a month old and i live in southern ontario. it hasn't been in the ground for long and it's already mid august. my question is what kind of yield and of what quality are we likely to get? basically it's just growing outside and come time when the plant is ready, i'm curious about how much weed we're going to get and the quality of it.
  2. How much you get is no easy question. That is not determinable since every one grows different.
  3. Season is just about to end for an outside grow so idk man u should really think of growing it inside
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    How big is it? Could you upload pics?
    I'm also from southern Ontario, southwestern Ontario to be more precise, what part are you from?
  5. he lives around london area. i don't have any pics but it's probably close to a foot tall with a few big leaves on it.

    thanks for the info about not being able to determine what the yield is, but what would be common? roughly, just so i have a general idea. we can't really grow it inside, we're not going to buy a lamp and stuff we just wanted to plant it and see what happens.

    i know it's close to the end of the season so what is the likely effect of this?
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    I'm from st.Thomas, That's a half hour away lol, anyway I can't say for yield for sure, but I'm guessing around an oz maybe a bit more if it's already flowering
  7. I think your bast bet would have been to build a hydro unit, clone the plant, so you have a mother and than grow the rest of the plant out. If you plant the clone its all you are going to get. You need to lookinto the future and find a way to keep the plant alive so you can continue to grow.

  8. it's more of an experiment than anything, we're not serious about growing and neither of us really have a place to do it. we just wanted to plant this one and see what happens.

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