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  1. I have read through many of the threads and I have a lot of appreciation for all the helpful advice from everybody.
    That said first and foremost!!!
    It's a lot to fully understand coming from the Hydro side of growing.
    I am looking for help with getting a batch of Organic Soil going for my next round. I currently have made clones and pulled most of them out of the dome. Foliar sprayed them with Nitrozyme & B1once & moistened the soil in the Red Cups.
    In the Red Cups I have the Fox Farm Ocean on the bottom with a Seed Starter mix the top 1/2. I used Azos to Root & when Transplanted...so far all good.
    I had a few things already & recently purchased a few others. I mixed together what I had into the large size cement mixer.
    32 Long
    21 Wide
    7 Deep   (Approx. 4 cu. ft.)
    1/2 bag of Fox Farm Ocean Forset
    2 Lbs. of Earth Worm Castings
    4 cups Deatomaceous Earth Food Grade
    1/3 of a bag Soil Amendment
    1/3 of a bag Compost
    1/2 of a bag of Hydroton
    1/3 of a bag Perlite (smaller size)
    4 oz. of Xtreme Mycos
    1/2 a small bottle Great White
    All of this was mixed together & moistened with plane water 3 days ago, last night I added
    1/2 cont. of Oatmeal mixed into the top 2 inches & moistened with plane water lightly
    I also have these additional amendments But I'm not sure what else to add & at what measurements???
    Dolomite Lime
    Kelp Meal
    Alfalfa Mea
    Bone Meal
    Blood Meal
    Mexican Bat Guano high "N"
    Empson Salt
    I am planning on Brewing Tea too. I like the sound of water only for most parts. I have a few weeks until I would hope to be ready to use the soil. Trying to be the guy with a plan on where I'm heading.
    Thank you all in advance!!!

  2. I was looking for help on with this post
    I'm not saying this is a good or easy soil mix
  3. Right on, man. Looks like you have a bit of an idea. I suggest you take what you've just posted here and post it on the organics lounge thread in the organics section. There, you will get the advice of some the organics heavy hitters. They love helping people like you. Good luck with your journey!


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