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Easy homemade pieces and fun things to do with them

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by autobahn, Jan 28, 2011.

  1. So, I'm not THAT seasoned of a toker, but in the past few years I've gotten to know Mary Jane really well. With my creative side, I've pimped out the way bongs are used, making creative and simple pieces out of the few materials available and make being high a lot more interesting.

    Let's start with simple ways to create easy bongs and pipes.
    Start with any container (light bulb, bottle, jar etc.) Then decide what it's going to be.

    If it's a pipe, all you need to do is make sure it has a bowl, a hole to draw from and a carb if you want. and you're done! ( I wouldn't recommend foil, it's harsh and I also wouldn't recommend play dough or any kind of clay unless you can solidify it in a kiln.

    To make a vaporizor, it has to be something you can put direct heat on (glass). Then make a hole to draw from. Put your weed in the container and hold the lighter to the weed through the glass and it'll vape!!!

    To make a gravity bong, get any kind of bottle (I used glass sobe bottles, but sobe doesn't make glass bottles anymore, DAMNIT!). Put a hole on the bottom edge and use paper clips or anything NOT plastic, ONLY metal, ceramic or glass shaped things as a bowl and fit to the neck of the bottle.(make sure it can unscrew so it'll be easier to put water in).
    To smoke: fill the bong with water and cover the bottom hole to the water doesn't get out. Then light the bowl and SLOWLY drain the bottle of water while it's being filled with smoke. Then either toke from the bottom hole or unscrew the lid and toke from there.

    General bongs....any bottle, again. put a hole about half way (it varies depending on how much water you'll want and how far your stem can reach the bottom). fit snugly in that hole a glass or metal tube that reaches at most a few inches from the bottom. Then you can use, again any ceramic, metal or glass object for a bowl (as long there is a part where the stem and the object can fit tightly together. Put water in it, and weed and yer good to go!

    P.S. 7-11 came out with a metal slurpee straw. I flipped when all I could think was, that would be amazing for a bong! So I used it as a stem and it is amazing! If at a 7-11 near you is still selling them, get one they're only like a buck! And if not, try and find one online. They are kind of long, cutting them in half might be better but be cacreful with it.

    Now the fun part:
    I am a girl with an extensive collection of nail polish, stickers, glitter etc. When I make pieces out of bottles I like to decorate with fun designs. You can put stickers on areas that don't get too hot. You can paint it with nail polish (but be careful, when it's still wet, it's flammable).

    With bongs, you can put food dye in the water. What's really cool is adding 1 drop of 2 different awesome colors that, when blended also make awesome colors and then to take a hit. When it bubbles it blends them together and it's just so pretty! It also doesn't make it harsh or anything, but be careful about it staining yourself, and the bong.

    I had an idea of putting glitter in a bong. I tried it and it was as awesome as I thought it would be but it was really harsh. So, if you can find a fine-grained enough glitter go for it. Also, if you can handle it being a little harsh, it's so cool!! (try glow in the dark glitter in a black light??)

    You know how there are little colored/ light up ice cubes.... Yes they look so neat just bobbing around in bong water. Also, you could get little rubber or plastic kids' toy animals... They're about the size of a quarter at the biggest. Little fish or whatever... Anyway...They are also really neat in bong water. :)

    Any other cool things you can think of to add about making/ decorating pieces that would be great!
  2. :hello:
  3. my friend has used one of those metal slurpee straws to make a bong. not sure if they make them anymore though..
  4. Yeah, They were only sold for a little bit, but I'm sure you can buy them online somewhere. I'll see if I can find where and if they can be bought.
  5. wouldnt you like inahale some of the glitter? :confused:
  6. The bong would filter it, im sure.
  7. must try haha :smoke:
  8. I never inhaled any glitter. I don't think it's light enough to be sucked up out of the water.
  9. just to be clear, you're talking about putting glitter in the WATER right? I'm confused.
  10. The best homemade piece I've ever made is called a lung...

    Items you need:
    2 liter soda bottle
    A plastic bag
    a drill bit
    and some duck tape

    You take the 2 liter bottle and burn the drill bit into the cap, then cut the bottom half off...take the plastic bag and duck tape it to the remaining bottom of the 2 liter bottle. Then all you have to do is stuff the bag into the bottle and light the bowl...then slowly pull the bag out of the bottle as it fills up with smoke then take the cap off and clear it. I've been smoking for years and I can honestly say I can't take more than a few hits from that it gets you high as fuck.
  11. As long as the glitter is all in the water, and none floating around in the airspace, you should be okay. Unless someone were to inhale the bong water....which in that case no, you wouldn't be okay
  12. Ahhhhh the good 'ol aqua lung. I do mine slightly different, but you're right, a few hits and your fucked
  13. [quote name='smokeRises']my friend has used one of those metal slurpee straws to make a bong. not sure if they make them anymore though..[/QUOTE

    slurpee straws have to be the best slides for home made bongs. i personally have made over 150 bongs with those and still make em today. bought one at seven eleven yesterday for a dollar and made a hooka. hits like a champ :)
  14. This had to be stickied it' got good info for times of inconvinence

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