Easy glass mason jar bubbler

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    Alright so I saw a couple posts on here with similar how tos but I thought I'd throw one up.

    Things you will need
    - one mason jar whatever size you want
    - two to three empty white bic pen tubes
    - one trumpet mouthpiece (can be found at music store for 10$)
    -hot glue gun or other sealing method ex. Duct tape.

    Because I didn't take pictures before I assembled mine I had to image shop for pictures so in the picture that gives the two holes in the lid example please ignore everything eles in the image.


    - use a sharp object to poke two holes in the lid of the mason jar making sure to make one of the holes slightly smaller then the other

    - next take the little plug in the back and the tip off the pen and pull out the ink cartridge and shove the pen tube through the slightly smaller hole push the pen tube 25% into the jar and seal with sealer

    - empty the insides out of your second and maybe third pen depending on how large your jar is just make sure the end of the tube is about an inch above the bottom of the jar

    -tape the pen tubes together and to the trumpet mouthpiece

    - push the trumpet mouthpiece attached to the pen tube downstem through the lid until only the bowl is outside of the jar

    - seal

    - make one last very small hole in the lid for a carb

    - pack some bud enjoy!

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  2. Idk if I like the kind of metal on the trumpet... Plus if you can bye a bowl it's the same price for a cheap on as the trumpet piece.
  3. hahaha, i love to see this up. this is the first thing i made a bong out of when i was a freshman in highschool! lol. it seemed perfect and soooo easy to create.
  4. Yes that's true the piece i used was stainless steel and when I came up with this idea I was only fourteen so I couldn't get into the headshops now I would just buy a glass bong but my nice one is broken
  5. This is pretty neat. I have a bong I made out of a graduated cylinder and I use a trumpet mouth piece as my bowl.
  6. Ok well it probably isn't that bad then
  7. Yeah the mouthpiece got me through high school I had it in a plastic water bottle at one point.
  8. anyone have any idea what metal it actually is? ones i see online are nickel silver plated
  9. I later added a wedge tipped sharpie tube at a slight twisted angle pulled through much more smoke
  10. dope idea not bad for a home made try cuttin some slits in your down stem:smoke:
  11. I used these instructions and it turned out pretty well. Pic coming soon.
  12. My baby

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  13. Any jar works well

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  14. I poke a third hole for a choke as well

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