$$$$easy Free Money For The Poor Stoners Out There!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by blah45, Apr 2, 2006.

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  1. so im in need of money probrally like all of you poor ass stoners
    we need money for our weed and supplies
    so i was looking for hours good decent ways to make a few extra dollars and i finally came across this website
    it gives you a $5.00 signup bonus and you sign up for things that pay from $0.30-$20.00 and you just have to put in bs info wait about 10 minutes after a submision and they send you an email that says your account has been credited
    i joined monday or tuesday and im up to 16.49 cents
    plus every day they send you 1 or 2 emails worth like .10 cents they dont spam you anymore than that and its for money
    please sign up under my link and help me supply my habit lol
    help a fellow stoner out and when you sign up you can help yourself out by getting your friends signing up and getting money but please click the link do some offers and help both of us out its a win win situation
  2. Sounds like spam to me, I aient clicking the link.

  3. not spam at all its free money you dont even need to use real info i dont i use a bogus name bogus emails and bogus addresses and get the money and they dont do shit
  4. If you use fake every thing how would they get your money to you ? Lol
  5. Haha dude, your obviously making money by recruiting people.

    Get a job, you beatnik.

  6. quite a conundrum if you ask me
  7. this seems like those free ipod links. i read in PC world that those things are legit. alls you need to do is give them legit info and sign up for an offer (they have free offers avalible) and get 5 more people to sign up and they send you an ipod. i mean pc world is a legit source. so i tried it. i cant get 5 people to sign up under my link though... i eventually gave up and got high
  8. free money ya right
  9. no such thing as free money.

    unless you find it on the ground. thats about one of the only ways.
  10. Nah... you gatta bend down to pick it up. Too much trouble for a dollar or so.

    This thing probally works but in a long amount of time and too much hassel to do w/e they proablly ask. Better off getting a job or rake your neighbors leafs or something.

  11. +rep
  12. I once found 20 bucks on the floor. That was the happiest day of my life.

  13. no no you use fake info for the offers you sign up for
    you use your real info for when you want to get your check
    but for the offers why give them your real info they mail you and shit
  14. i did one of those pyramid things a couple years ago.. lost 60$ bastards
  15. i found a $20 bill on the ground... ya i think a little bending down to get it was worth it :p
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