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Easy Bake Oven - Pot Browines?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by mietoe, Jun 5, 2005.

  1. Hmm? Interesting it seems. You could use a smaller amount of pot (like a nice 8th or maybe + a few grams) prepare it in the oil, and make like 2 brownies. would the lightbulb vap it? i doubt it. its a childs toy. :hello:

    anyway this sounds really interesting. pot baked goods in convinetent small way to make them. perfect!!! ahahahah! :D

    im going to research it more and post back. anyone else ever heard of anyone trying something like that?

    :smoke: <----
  2. UPDATE: :smoke:

    found out uses a 100 watt lightbulb, no higher, no soft whites. i got a second opinon from bobbert, and he said that it wouldnt heat up enough to vap it. so i guess that means it will work. they only cost 24.99 on toysrusamazon! i think its a great idea for weddings, funerals, long carrides that are non smoking, plane trips, ect. ect.

    u kind find teh oven here: bake oven!

    also if anyones interested, hehe....the manual pdf is here


    i think its a fantastic idea. i might just do it up.
  3. do it, i really want to make some brownies i'm jsut need to do it
  4. dude wait do it
  5. that sounds good, but it still leaves the smelly/tricky part of having to fry the weed in oil to get the THC out, the baking part, that is easy but still, if you were traveling, that would come in handy..

    edit: i just had a revelation, i think when i go camping this weekend, i am going to buy an easy bake and take it with us. i will fry the weed in oil over an open fire outdoors so who cares about smell, then bake it in the easy bake.. BIRLLIANT! ill let you all know how it turn out thursday or so.. =D
  6. im glad to hear someones trying it out!

    but smoking around the campfire is more fun, im just thinking about those 7 hour plane rides, man o man.
  7. Bump

    I am interested in doing this as I live with my parents
  8. Hey Brandon make sure they don't find your Easy Bake or they are going to think you're a fairy.
  9. They got it for me when I was like, 8, i just said that I found it in my closet(which I did). The oven is preheating now, im gonna attempt some brownies
  10. ...you would want to be high at a funeral? :eek::confused::mad::eek::rolleyes::D:wave:
  11. hahaha, hooray for the search button.

    talk about old threads. four and a half years.

    i never ended up actually try this, but i still believe it can work, though i dont believe the "ezbake" mix requires butter. so, so figure that out.


    i have a strange sense of humor, and i was younger back then.
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    So far I have concluded that the amounts I can make in the easy bake oven are not large enough to get me high, but we will see. I am going to experiment some more.

    I dont know too much about cooking, but would it work if i made the mix and added in some ground up weed and then put it in the easybake for a while? I dont see why it wouldnt work since the weed would be getting heated and there would be fats to catch the THC.
  13. Don't you need to heat THC to at least 185 degrees to make it active?

  14. no that wont do it. you need to prepare the buds in oil or butter to get the trick done. you could make some sort of topping for the brownies, like homemade frosting stuff, with a cannabutter, cocoa and sugar id say. maybe an egg, not sure. that way you get could get more of the treat and less of the treat if you get my drift.

    im not sure what the tempature is, i just now you need to simmer it over low heat. i think 185 would be fine. remember to keep well under 280, as you can start to vaporize at that temp.
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but don't you actualy need to achieve a low vaporization temperature to make the THC absorb into the surrounding oil?

    Edit: Example: Firecrackers are made at 350 degrees farenhiet and that temperature is high enough for the THC to absorb into the surrounding peanutbutter. Instead of just evaporating away(No where to evaporate to except the oil).
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    im not a chemist, bud id say that you're wrong. when vaporizing thc, its turns into a vapor much like water vapor, its part of the air. the optimal temp to vape thc is between 280-350. 320 being the sweet spot. ofcourse, it can and may very well start vaporizing at a lower temp, and continue to vape all the way up to the low 400's.

    thc is also fat and alcohol soluble. when making "green dragon" which is grain alcohol and thc, you just leave stems or buds in the grain alcohol for several weeks. no heating, cooling, or anything else is required, the alcohol content is high enough to extract all (just about) of the thc.

    so does it need to be "vaporized" to properly make cannabutter? i dont think vaporize is the right word. i think the thc just liquifies into the fat cells of the butter.

    but like i said, im no chemist.


    well im not too familiar with firecrackers. but i know when you bake anything, weed treat or not, if you bake a cake at 350 degrees, when you take it out of the oven, the cake itself isnt 350 degrees.
  17. Well the firecrackers failed. Im not sure if the temp wasnt hot enough or what. What is the ideal temperature for getting the THC into the oil/peanutbutter?
  18. THC must reach vaporization point of approx. 180 C to release into any fat.
  19. im pretty sure that its bad if it vaporizes. i think you want just short of vaporization

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