Eastern Oregon Northern Lights First Grow

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  1. So, this is started late, but here's a quick catch up. I germinated 10 seeds on March 13, half Northern Lights, half Skunk #1, from Southern Oregon Seeds. Within two weeks I had them all in solo cups looking happy, using Happy Frog soil and PH correcting all water.

    Here they are on March 25th.

    I was using a home made indoor bench with five CFL 5000K Daylight bulbs, on a 16/8 schedule. I potted up on April 6th and they looked like so:

    At this time my wife had a change of heart. We're legal in Oregon to have up to four plants but she hated the smell it created in the house (I love it). So I gave away all but one plant to a friend who grows. The one plant was easier to manage the smell. In April 18th, the plant started going outside part-time as we hit a stretch of very warm weather.

    At this point I topped the plant and started nutes (fish fertilizer and some blood meal).

    Yesterday I potted up and I'm keeping it outdoors full time. The weather forecast has nothing under 40 for the next few weeks. If I have to, I'll bring it in on a cold night. Usually we don't have to worry about frost after Mid May. The plant is still thriving and has branched out nicely.

    I'm hoping the change to a shorter day doesn't force it into blooming early, but if it does, so be it. The Fox Farms soil is amazing in how long it provides nutes without having to supplement, but I'm open to suggestions on where to go with nutes from here on out.

    I'll keep posting every week or two.

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