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Eastern NC

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by KarmaOneLove, Feb 20, 2009.

  1. Wheres all the Chron at?! I hate smokin mids yo wheres the good bud at?
  2. I'm in the Triangle area and we get some pretty decent stuff around here.

    Blueberry, Catpiss, and something called "Orange Crush" is the most plentiful around here right now. I'd rank the Orange Crush as the best and around $60 an eighth.

    Here's a closeup of an OC bud I picked up this week:

  3. DAMN. when are you coming to the outer banks for me?
  4. orange crush is so sweet and delicious.

  5. Haha, you're going to have to come up here for that. My main dealer gets most of his stuff from Pennsylvania and California but there are a few others I buy from that always have some fire.

    I don't have any hookups around the Outer Banks but there's got to be some good stuff floating around there, you just need to ask around.
  6. next time im out that way ill have to hit you up. but nah, when theres chronic here i know about it haha...and it never looks as good as what that pic is.
  7. haha I feel your pain.

    Making a trip to va beach 2nite, reup reup.
  8. Haha Word to the orange crush, Its the only strain of headies ive been getting lately
  9. yo i feel you on that wack Eastern NC stuff lol. Well i mean i know its out in like Gvegas, but thats so far. brick stuff FTL.:confused_2:
  10. its pretty easy to find good buds in the G
  11. yeah in gvegas im sure there is but im on the beach....i used to live there though. you should drive out here.
  12. yeah closer to the beach is where im at too.. not OBX status, but might as well be. The local green isnt all that, although the stuff i got the other day acutally had some shape to it... &it wasnt compressed.:smoking:

    im kinda surprised, i thought ppl who stayed on the beach would be growin some chron, unless its just hard to find

  13. shit used to be that way out here...mad people would grow GOOD good. the snitches out here have gotten so bad though theres not really anyone growin. i had some good shit the other day too and it wasnt compressed. its sad though because thats the only dank ive seen out here in a minute

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