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Easter piglets

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Bud Head, Apr 12, 2004.

  1. Well today my sow had 10 piglets.. My daughter has decided to call them easter piglets.. LOL

    I have been out trying to make sure all of them get a tit so they can make it through the first 24 hours.. I would have liked for the sow to have had 15 like she did last time. Oh well, Ill settle for what I got though..

    The rewards of being a farmer..

    Yeee Hawwww! :D
  2. hehe sow rymes with cow haha
  3. I have those too.. Black Angus!
  4. Piggies!!!

    I wouldn't be any good on a farm. It would probly turn me into a vegetarian.

  5. You would be fine as a farm girl.. It's not as bad as you think..

    If you ever visited a processing plant you'd never eat meat again!

    Piggies piggies every where..
  6. I knew a guy who worked at a processing plant. Not the type of work you wanna come home and talk about at the supper table, for sure. Farm work woul be fine. Selling off the animals might be a problem, since I would have names for all of them. You know, that attachement thing.
  7. Anything you name you can learn to love. When I see pigs I call them things like "dinner." It may be a bit disturbing but its honest and the truth hurts less.

  8. You would be fine as a farm girl.. It's a natural process of the food chain.. Just Joking..

    It's not that bad. If you ever witnessed a prcessing plant, you would never eat meat again.. Home grown is a good thing...
  9. STML!! At first I thought it was me - doubletake - nope it's BH!! ROFLMAO!!
    LOVE YA BH!! Let me know when you figure out what I'm talkin' about!!
  10. you have black angus cows? hook a brotha up with some steaks! I GOT THE MUNCHIES!
  11. I was to damn tired and stoned..

    I sorta double posted.. LOL

    It was me darlin..
  12. This is not allowed on this site. Please refrain from posting this type of stuff again.


  13. I lost 4 due to the hard rain this morning.. It rained so hard that the pigs were washed down into one of the rooted holes moma had laid in..

    I went over there a 5:00 am this morning, and had to rescue all the pigs and finally got 6 back up to normal.. We re-fenced and moved all of them to another part of the pen..

    The 6 are doing great now.. Thank goodness..

    Keeping my fingers cross on the 6..

    This is the bad thing about farming... :(

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