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  1. Hello all! I'm new to PHX AZ and cannot find any herbs.... People out here are too sketchy it seems. I'm Cool calm person just needing some of that fire! If you got what I need, please send me a message and we can work something out.
  2. Apparently you're so new, that you don't know Arizona has medicinal privileges...
  3. I knew AZ had medicinal privileges but never thought it would be so crazy to find reliable people. I moved from SOCAL and of course have a California MMJ card...like most smokers from CA. Thanks to work, I moved to AZ.
  4. No hook ups allowed on grasscity.

    Take some time and read the rules dude.
  5. Wasn't looking for a hook up just a friendly person within range. I'm sorry I didn't follow the rules Major. I forgot following the rules is what smokers do... Silly me.
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    I don't mean to get lawyer-ish but I'm sure you can see how asking for:
    "A friendly person within range" on a website dedicated to cannabis, while complaining about the lack of reliable connections in your area.... MIGHT be interpreted as asking for a Hook-up.

    In fact, I'd say it very blatantly implies a hookup. So yeah, that'd be a violation of rules.

    I hope you manage to fix your meds problem, but you're not gonna be able to on here unfortunately...

    Good Growing and Happy Toking!!!

  7. Were not debating archiac and blatantly stupid statuates, we are talking about following rules under a forum started by smokers like us that has to have them for legal protection.

    No maliciousness intended, but you should really familiarize yourself with the rules before posting.

    and thats Mayor to you buddy, not Major ;)

    So I am at work working like kunta kinte yet highly optimistic because I have the next two days off... Just then my email blows up from grass city....that's interesting I thought because I haven't posted,commented, or uploaded anything in months. With my curiousity I took a toke break to read up... WOW!!! I'm posting adds asking for "herbs"...

    ..... So my roommate has a friend in town that decided my computer was fair game. Not quite. This emo, skinny jean wearin beach bum no longer resides at Casa de clouds.
    I apologize to anyone who may have been offended... I did learn a valuable lesson in deed... Nolonger remember passwords to this page....

    Happy growing all

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