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    Week 1 20170602_201849.jpg
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  2. Week 2 20170611_092705.jpg
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  3. Week 3 Resized_20170617_204323.jpeg
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    Week 4 20170626_175809.jpg
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  5. Sorry i got a late start on my jornal, had alot going on but anyways i got my seeds off herbies and im growing in foxfarm ocean forest. The fifth seed never sprouted once buried and the one in the green bucket is quite runty. No nutrients yet and ill post every saturday on my week mark. Any and all comments and suggestions are welcome and appreciated this is my first grow
  6. Subbed. Good to see someone else from TN on here growing.
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  7. Week 5, the girls are droopy its been raining all day 20170701_205415.jpg
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  8. Here's a better picture for week 5 I spread the girls out 20170702_194129.jpg
  9. Having a couple issues the holes are from crickets I'm pretty sure I've seen a few baby ones on my plants yellow leaves are uncertain but is only on the runt of the litter maybe too much water IDK it's been raining a little every day 20170709_120714.jpg 20170709_120719.jpg

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  10. I've heard of a poison for crickets called Monterey Garden Insect Spray with Spinosad it seems to have the most success of all the things I've read any uses or suggestions
  11. Capt Jacks bug killer is also spinosad, I use it in my line up with insecticidal soap when dealing with active problems when bugs are present. It has a short life span on leaves similar to BT arround 1 week. I have had some girls that did not like it much but usually most of them do not mind. Then I run a weekly neem seaweed mix for a preventive and then usually every other week Si or after massive fresh growth. I also use BtK "thuricide" when the cabbage moths are active which only active for a few days after spraying so needs to be applied when they are mating. I also use an electric fly swatter on the bastards.
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  12. Okay i gotcha sounds legit
  13. week 8 20170722_092644.jpg
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  14. I get drunk and forget to water my plants for one day =( 20170725_201749.jpg
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  15. Had to transport the girls to my new home =) 20170726_214043.jpg
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    20170730_203036.jpg week 9
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