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East NC, What's going on here...?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kemurisekiseki, May 4, 2011.

  1. Where are all of you?
    There seems to be nothing great where I'm currently located...
    I'm also interested in making hash as well as hash oil out here...but the lack of consistency makes any attempts at it ridiculous.
    I'm used to tokin' medical bud for a few reasons...
    but there seems to be none out here, or anything that merits anywhere close to such dankness...
    and I'm unaware of any people in Wilmington who know what's good...apparently that's where it's at?
    Clarity would be lovely. As well as new toking buddies. :3
  2. Wilmington has allot of stuff, Greenville does too but that place has allot of shady people. Dude just go to Wilmington and look for a dude that looks like a weed head. If not I'm pretty sure before the night is over someone will ask you if you want some. I was there for about 3 years.

    Join the dark side my son...
  3. That's what I've heard... and Wilmington's closer. I'd rather not drive that far at all, my car has horrid gas mileage.
    Well, that's depressing....but thanks.
  4. Just need to find the right peeps bro.. I live in Cary and I have a reliable dealer so I'm always good. :hello::hello::hello:

  5. I live in Cary too. Just sayin
  6. True story. I'd rather just bounce out of NC though, haha.
    Not worth my time, but if I ever am in the market to drive for a few hours for a half o or so...
  7. He's a cop.

    This guy's a cop.
  8. I love tokin' with cops. It's great fun.
  9. Boone has dank weed, I think like 99% of the students at ASU smokes. And they grow some fine weed.
  10. i've heard a lot of people talk about "oh wilmington only has the dankest of the dank" but i haven't had anything since i moved here.. nearly killed me for two months after the move. i even had to resort to spice, which is now officially illegal and not sold in stores anymore.
    now i've been here almost a year and still no contacts (even though while i was smoking spice, i still was looking around for some), the friends that i've made that do smoke are flaky as hell, always talking about "oh, i got some good-good," but when i'm willing to pay good money they're nowhere to be found and can't ever find any. it's maddening. i'm not driving three, four, five hours to get bud and come back here. that's a long drive, a lot of gas money, and a lot of stress.
    all i want is to find a few friends here that really do know where to find some green instead of telling me they will and then breaking my little dopey heart. :cry:
  11. Yah....this is why SC is better :D Howdy neighbor hahaha:wave:. Haha
  12. lol what part of sc?
  13. Florence.
  14. I heard from some friends that Wilmington was dry. I'm in Greenville having the hardest time getting up with anyone, and there's no way I'm driving around looking for that sketchy guy hanging in a back alley. If I find any good stuff, I'll hit you up and maybe we can get a clam bake going. Last week I bought some over from OBX with me. It was mid, nothing special, except it was $20 a gram.
  15. i'm from the obx and know for a fact where to get it cheaper.. it's just the drive between here and obx is like five hours... -.-;;
  16. Greenville isn't that just gotta know who to call

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