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East Coast Prices vs. Other prices

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by squidouttawater, May 8, 2011.

  1. I've seen a lot of people talk about buying eighths for about $30-45 and quarters for about $60. I'm just wondering is this due to the area you live in? Over in the NJ/NY area, it seems like weed is much more expensive when you have dimes and dubs for 10 and 20 and then an eight can go for about 50 to 60ish maybe $65 ive heard. Quarters for about $120. Theres no way that can make sense, unless someone is lying and I may admit i dont know my shit as well as i should. I just want to know so I can hopefully save way more money and start being smarter about buying and saving more money.
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    Depends on where you live definitely. Also how you get it. I go to dispenseries due to the widest selection & price range. Our weed is much cheaper out here than in NY. I would cry in a corner if i had to pay 60 an 8th.

    Cali Love.:smoke:
    HALF E 1.7 GRAMS $25-30
    EIGHTH $50-70
    QTR -$100 -120
    SOUR D
  4. yup east coast prices are high - all the more reason to grow at home, a lot less growers out here so a lot less suspicion of it, in missouri(could be a different state i'm going off memory) its gotten so common cops are sitting around watching hydro stores

    pros/cons of being on the east coast
  5. I usually get 1/8ths in the $20-40 range.
  6. anit no coast like the west coast:bongin:
  7. huge variety of quality/price in Texas too...

    Ounces of mexican brick are like 50 bucks..quality is either really bad, or pretty bad...

    O's of mids/popcorn are 100-140ish, quality is always decent, sometimes surprisingly good, usually seedless... i've actually bought good mids, and then bought dank, and liked the mids/popcorn better.

    O's of top shelf go for 300, it's always top quality stuff, alot of times it's dispensary stuff people are just buying there and bringing here and distributing, and then there is a ton of outdoor ops, because it's miles and miles of countryside here... and of course you got the indoor folks.. there always pumping something good out.. i happen to be acquaintances if you will, with a group doing a big indoor operation here, multiple houses, etc... they've basically taken over alot of the high end pot game around here... it's gettin easier now to call and find dank, then mids or schwag... which kinda sucks in my opinion. i remember when i was a young toker, there was no way i could even dream of spending money on dank at the consumer prices it goes for now...
  8. 40-60 nyc sometimes 2.5 lame
  9. y i grow :D
  10. Jersey is bad!
    Feels like shit man :(
  11. When I lived in jersey prices were:

    $10 for .4
    $20 for .7 (for awhile people were trying to do .6 bullshit)
    $50-65 1/8
    $100-140 1/4
    So on and so on

    $10 a gram
    $25-35 an eighth

    Prices definitely sucked for dank except for our one decent connect. No one wanted to sell weight, was always a hassle.
  12. I live in South Jersey and it's 60 for a half 25 for an eighth and like 40 for a QO I think. So you're either getting ripped off or there is a bigger difference between SJ and NJ
  13. Thirty gram ounces-$120-$150 for awesome outdoor buds. North Cali :smoke:
    (great bud-bad picture quality)
  14. Fuck New Jersey prices. $60 for an eight of some dank. $120 for a quarter, $240-260 a half. $375-$600 for an ounce, depending on how dank the bud is. I just wished I lived in Cali. Shit's cheap out there. :(
  15. Yeah its mad expensive in New York im gonna have to agree
  16. All depends on the area you're in, but it really depends on who you know. There are usually tiered pricing schedules in most areas, the older you get (and the older the people you deal with are) the cheaper and better the herb will be. When you're in high school or college like most of you guys, you're going to get stepped on, kiefed herb that has been passed through the hands of 10 middlemen before you get it, which is why you pay so much.
  17. east cost is ridiculous, we pay so much for bud and it usually not amazing bud.

  18. Yes sir. That's the truth, it really kind of sucks, maybe it's just because of the lifestyle we live here is so different, it's a lot less chill then Cali i'd imagine. Bud is way too expensive here and it sucks cuz we can get the same quality bud or better for less somewhere else, but no way am I taking a long drive or plane ride to Cali for my bud lol
  19. You guys don't have solid connects if you're paying too much money for mediocre pot on the east coast. We have better herb than the west coast and always have -- just about who ya know.

  20. Yeah thats definitely true. I got mediocre connects for the time being, I'm working on it though. Btw I might be wrong but if you're location is a reference to Fleet Foxes, good on ya bro! lol

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