East bound & down seasoon 2 mother fuckers

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  1. Who else is as big of a fan of Kenny Powers as I am?
    Danny Mcbride in general, he's funny as hell...
    Foot Fist Way is awesome to, but I'm not here to talk about that..
    Anyone seen the new episode from Season 2 that aired Sep. 26?
    I've got the full thing downloaded because I am a cheap skate...

    "I've got the mind of a scientist, a cock like a burmese python, and the arm that can throw a ball faster then fuck.. That is why I am better then everybody else"
  2. Kenny powers is awesome. To surrender is to die - and death is for pussies.

    Anyways I personally thought the 1st season had much more one liners than the premiere... IDK if it's just me. But still thought it was great, and can't wait for the next episode!:cool:

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