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East Bay Patients Association

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by Atomic Bong, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. :smoking::smoking::smoking::cool:

    I just thought I would let everyone know about a new discovery I found! I have more recently not been buying from the clubs in the bay because they are very expensive ($21 gram plus tax) but I found this new cannabis club that just opened up in richmond that I would highly recommend to anyone in the east bay.. they don't have a huge selection of medicine but the prices are really good!! between $12 and $15 per gram of some really high quality weed. they also have some edibles too..
    you are also allowed to smoke and use their vaporizers inside too..
    some old dudes who helped me out.. all around seemed pretty chill and got some really good NYC Diesel..

    contact information

    East Bay Patients Association
    3223 Pierce St. Richmond
    (510) 527-0420
  2. go to SF they got cheaper clubs.
    40$ an 8th of top grade
  3. i heard that it re opened. also isnt there a new one in el sabrante?
  4. stickynugs -

    well this is just a suggestion for east bay people.. not S.F... I'm sure s.f. does have cheap clubs but considering time, traffic, gas, and toll i'd much rather just stay on this side of the bay.. haha but good lookin..

    Mr_V3NOM - naw this club is new, not reopened. I think the one your talking about is the other club in richmond (ken estes hoslistic solutions) that reopened up in hilltop richmond..
    There is a club in el sobronte but I hella hate the dude that works there, there weed is not that great for the price, and to top it off you gotta make an appointment..
    They are opened ANOTHER club in richmond too called 7 stars or something inside the asian mall.. that one is reaaallyy nice but waay too expensive.. I just go there for the edibles.. the mocha-juana is on hit
  5. ooo thanks man for the info! gonna check it out

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