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Easing someone BACK into the cannabis world..

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Unwise, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. Okay, so my lady doesn't smoke or do any drugs. She stopped because of a few bad experiences with addiction (to pills) and wanting to get her life together. She's scared of cannabis right now because some of her friends had tricked her into smoking some weed that they had sprinkled pcp on, she had a bad freak out, and she complained that what other weed she did smoke just made her tired (obvious shwag).

    When we first started talking, I was very forthcoming about my usage and the reasons why I did it (recreational/anxiety reducing) and she respects my use of it. She just requests that I don't bring it around her and smoke around her. She knows I act perfectly normal when high, so doesn't complain when I just happen to be high if she comes around.

    I also educated her a lot on the truths of it. How harmless it is, how medicinal it can be, and how much it has improved my overall life. She has crohn's disease so I made sure I explained to her how a lot of Crohn's sufferers benefit greatly from cannabis use (including references to my friends that smoke and have it) and I think that's where she started becoming more interested.

    That's when I started talking about higher end cannabis. I talked about how there are so many wonderful tastes and aromas and the variety of highs you can get just from smoking a different strain. I would listen to her favorite flavors and casually bring up strains I've smoked that taste similar, and how great the high would feel. I talked about the culture that it's all very rooted in, the ritual behind naming pieces, the benefits of smoking out of glass vs. the joints shes used to, how successful many potheads are and the like.

    And now, she's decided that she's open to try it again in a controlled environment. I'm going to wait until we have a night to relax together with no interruptions, I'm going to buy a sherlock bubbler to mark the occasion, and get either some blue cheese for the mild cerebral high and giggly buddha laughs (she wants to watch funny movies, she's decided) or LA Confidential for the earthy lemon taste.

    I'm fully aware of her lack of any kind of tolerance as it's been well over a year since she's smoked any and it was dirt weed anyway, so I've decided that I'm going to let her take it a hit at a time and wait a few minutes so that she doesn't overdo herself and green out on the strong herb or get too high to enjoy it. I want her to just be able to relish in the taste, aroma, and clean high from the good herb and hopefully recruit another blade into the culture.

    Of course there will be the normal things too. Her favorite drink and snacks in case she gets mad munchies, being there to keep her calm in case it's too much, and being with just me and her so she knows she can trust the environment and atmosphere. She's choosing when she does this so that there is no pressure involved. Paranoia is not a likely factor since I live in a rural area that is very calm and relaxed.

    What do you think, GC? Do I have everything covered? I'm trying to make my lady a new recruit in the support of good cannabis by easing her in as gently as I can. She's very matured in every other facet of her life, so i figure if I'm going to introduce her back into something that she's only been exposed to in a "stupid high school stoner" environment, then I need to bring the mary jane A game. She's excited to see this side of it because she's finally seeing how deep the culture goes and how mature enjoying cannabis can be.

    If you have any suggestions for things I can do to make this a better experience overall for my lady, then let me know. Or if you think I'm way overdoing it, tell me too - but tell me why. She is very timid about it because of the past, so I'm doing my best to make it a no pressure environment.
  2. Just don't act too anxious about her trying it, I have a feeling once she takes a hit in the environment you described she will instantly change her perception of marijuana.
  3. That's what I'm hoping for. She likes a lot of "stoner" music, so I'm hoping for one of those moments where she's hearing some bomb ass music while she's peaking and she completely understands and loves smoking weed all of a sudden.

    And it's been hard not to act anxious. I'm pretty passionate about bud altogether, so I get excited whenever she wants to talk about it too, so in that respect I may be a bit overbearing to her sometimes, but she never complains. She understands she'll only do it when she feels right with it. But I am trying.
  4. I can't think of any advice to give, it just seems perfect. Good job man +rep
  5. Thanks man. :smoking:

    Another thing, we've decided that we're going to go shopping for the new piece together at some headshops so that we can have a naming ceremony that night as well.

    I think this is shaping up into a great way to introduce someone into how a veteran, mature smoker does it.
  6. The other day on 4/20 I smoked with some people from work who aren't veteran smokers, or even pot heads. They were younger than myself and didn't own a single glass piece. I pulled out my bubbler and they actually said to me, "fuck that, I'm just gonna smoke this" (she was referring to a home made plastic mess LOL)

    But yeah..there's a massive difference between high school stoners and veteran "seasoned" tokers haha.
  7. Idk man, seems to me like your over doing it a tad, planning it all out and trying to make it go like perfect always seems to take the fun out of it, kind of like a date, ya dig?

    I mean if thats how she wants to do it, then more power to yall, just seems like it wouldn't be as enjoyable if it was structured IMO

  8. We're not planning how the night goes, I'm just trying to create as comfortable an environment as I possibly can for her and integrate her into my regular smoking routine. She's no stranger to actually smoking, she's just timid from her past - so it's gotta be super comfortable, controlled and make it feel like it's all her idea.
  9. Well man overall, I think your doing a perfect job welcoming a person to marjijuana .. but I'm not sure if you should invite her. She seems to already have a bad experience and is most likely scared to use it. I don't think you should bring it up about smoking again, i think you should wait until she really really really want to smoke.

  10. She came to me and specifically told me she wanted to get high with me and watch movies. I had brought it up to her before by telling her that if she ever felt like she wanted to try it again, that I would let her smoke some good herb with me. She said she might one day in the future, but wasn't sure. Then she came to me and told me that she wanted to.

    So, in short, I did wait until she really wanted to smoke before planning this.

  11. that is exactly, to a tee, what this guy is talking about. lol? did you even read his first post?
  12. sounds like a great plan. I honestly love introducing people to herb (i've gotten many friends to try it after going through the facts) its like "finally this fool can stop being a puss and get high with me" :D

    no but seriously good luck with your girl
  13. Oh sweet man! I hope you enjoy your future smoke sessions with her! ( If she ends up trying :hello:)

    To the other guy - Sorry kinda stoned but I'm pretty sure what I wrote was correct.
  14. My friend is muslim and it's against his beliefs to smoke weed. He has never tried alcohol in his life and he smokes maybe once a year, if that. When he smokes he has to repent for it, along with other sins. Fucking his girlfriend is a sin, but he does that 3 or 4 times a day (she's a white, Christian girl too) and he feeds me this BS about why he won't smoke weed. When he meets up with his other muslim friends they smoke mad blunts and shit, but with me, he needs like an excuse to do it. He can't just light up and be chill =/
  15. Thanks, man. I'm hoping to make her, at the very least, an occasional but educated smoker through all of this. And if not, at least she gave it a try the real way and made her decision based on using it in the best environment she could.

    Best case scenario is I make her into a champion toker that can keep up with the rest of us. :)

    Thanks! :smoking:

    And you're right, what you wrote was correct - she did have a terrible experience and is still a little scared of it. But through being with me and seeing how well I handle myself, my life, and my habit combined with my education on it, she feels like it's worth a second shot.
  16. I'm happy she has a open mind!
  17. I wouldn't be with her if she didn't. That's why I'm always up front about my relationship with cannabis. If a girl can't be with me for me, I want no part of it. But yes, I'm glad she does too. She's a keeper.

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