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Easiest Weed Tea Recipe [Microwave]

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by wizkhalifa1, Sep 21, 2010.

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    Hey Grasscity, I was on a mission to make the best drink possible with cannabis and I may have stumbled upon a winner. This new recipe is a more traditional approach to making edibles, namely weed tea. While my old recipe was good for quick baking, it faltered because it wasted a great deal of herb in the process. This new recipe isn't hard at all and a great alternative to smoking to enjoy all the benefits of cannabis.

    Helpful hints
    Use a glass or ceramic teapot (not metal)

    Use 1 tsp of ground herb per cup of water

    -Place the desired amount of cannabis in the teapot
    -Pour in boiling water
    -Add a tsp of butter per cup of water to ensure THC absorption
    -Cover and let steep for 10-15 mins

    Also, for taste add sugar and/or a teabag of Tazo tea or your tea of choice. :cool:

  2. 1) does it stink when you make it? I would imagine no, since it's via microwave, but you never know with these things

    2) Would it be much more efficient to smoke it, or does the milk mitigate that effect?
  3. Man i am keen to check this out!! cheers man. Although i would use the tea bags you can buy at herbal teas shops that you tighten with a string. Not a fan of staples in tea. Not sure why
  4. haha oh yeah sorry i am really baked. The MAIN question i wanted to ask was. How fucked does it get you ?
  5. yes like everyone else said, how potent is this 'weed tea'
  6. This is very very potent. I was more baked than I have ever have been in my life. I would equate the high to 15 fat bong rips of Blue Dream.
  7. Gonna give this a try right now. Hope it works.
  8. blue dream eh? i just had some of that like a week ago
  9. Hopefully your eyes got redder than the devil's dick and you were on cloud 90000000000
  10. Are metal staples in the microwave a good idea?
  11. Make sure you share your results and the process with us Mego :)
  12. There are staples on regular tea and I nuke it all the time. You would think it would matter but it really doesn't.
  13. What is the equivalent of 2:30 mins in the microwave if you want to use a stove top? Does it need to boil or anything?
  14. Not quite sure with regards to a stove top. 2:30 is a little over boiling so I guess just substitute the microwave times for when the water/ milk&tea mixture boil? I would just use the microwave method myself its a lot easier.
  15. Just made some, sipin' on it as we speak. Doesn't taste too bad but it smells like straight up weed. Ill report back in later to see how high I get. I used some really good regs.
  16. hey man let us know the results don't get stony and forget;)
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    The reason I asked for someone to report back, is something like this probably wouldn't work for me, or anyone with a decent tolerance.

    It's widely known that microwaving THC super-heats it in patches, it doesn't heat evenly, and it destroys some if not all of the most effective properties at best.

    The microwave begins destroying the THC long before it can even be fully extracted, no matter how many times you stop and start it.. meaning your potency is being destroyed while still retained within the minced bud, much of it never even makes it into the oil.

    That's why the stove top method takes longer, you could have the same effects as mentioned above (if not better) in a short burst of heat, sure, but it's not recommended because; it's not how hot you make the material that causes it to be effective, it's how long you keep it warm. Otherwise, you're not extracting much of anything from the green.

    I would recommend avoiding the microwave and offer that you use your stove top for a more effective, less destructive means of extracting your THC, and where it's specifically not water soluble you will want something like whole milk (much more fat than 1%) or cream mixed in to allow more of the properties to bond with the oils, and become digestible, otherwise you're just passing (ie. wasting) most of the potency. An easy way to think of it or mentally measure, is you want your drink to have roughly as much fat as a pot brownie in order to be as strong as a pot brownie... one glass of 1% milk isn't going to do it.

    I'm not saying that it doesn't work, it will to some degree.

    I'm saying that those of us with the most experience with edibles, know to avoid the microwave, and new trainees are specifically trained against using it.
    If you have an endless supply of smoke, and you don't mind wasting a bit of your THC, then by all means microwave away, but I know most of you don't have limitless supplies of bud and will want to get the most out of your product. That's all :)

    ** Just thought I'd add that I'm truly not trying to rain on anyone's parade, and that this comes from several decades of experience in a few different continents, cannabis is a big part of my every day life, I've been growing for years and travel specifically for growing, and participating as well as judging in canna related competitions. I've worked in California, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia and then some, all specifically for growing or processing the herb.
  18. Update: Just finished drinking all the tea and eating the left-overs. I just took the weed out of the bag and mixed it up with peanut butter.

    It's been about 30 minutes since I started and I'm feeling pretty high, honestly it was easier to eat the left overs than drink the tea. But it wasn't horrible or anything.

    Not sure how long it takes to get the full effect but I'm feelin' pretty damn good.
  19. eating the leftovers is probably the best thing you could have done for your high using this method, good on ya :)
  20. That is what I was thinking. In my mind I didn't think it would work just the tea alone. So I decided to eat the left overs. I think the coolest part about this is that you can eat the urb because it doesn't taste that bad at all with peanut butter, and you also get to drink tea :D

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