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Easiest way to smoke with a group of beginners

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Lingguo, Mar 30, 2016.

  1. This is my first time posting on gc so bare with me please

    Okay well first of all I'm probably an intermediate toker if not still a beginner myself and I am having a group of friends over (4 to be exact) to smoke some weed and chill out for the night. Now all of these friends have never smoked weed, well haven't actually smoked anything before.

    I want to make their first time smoking weed an enjoyable and fun time but also not have to worry about teaching each of them everything about how to use a bong or pipe considering they have never even smoked before. Also considering I'm not the best teacher makes it harder again and I don't want to waste weed if say they didn't use the bong properly by not breathing it into their lungs or accidentally blowing the water out the downstem.

    I'm looking for an easy way to get us all smoking together or each of us individually in quick succession. We are unable to use joints because we don't have a place to smoke them outside and inside would make too much of a smell, unable to make edibles because of needing to cook them. So what would be the best way to do this? I've been considering getting a hookah for the situation but I have no idea how it works or even if it would be better at all?

    Thanks in advance
  2. If I was you I'd use a bong/ ice bong so It's more enjoyable for them.
  3. I used a pipe my first time, each hit they take a little less than a bong and you dont have to worry about them blowing water through your downstem. I got insanely stoned my first time smoking just some mids out of a pipe, the key is making sure they know how to inhale, most people think they know how to but then either swallow the smoke or dont get it down i their lungs, so have them suck air in and light the bowl and then take a deep breath of fresh air after the hit, this will make sure they are inhaling right
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  4. Don't use a bong. Most of my experiences they fuck up if brand new to smoking when using a bong. Not their fault just a little confusing at first. Pipe or bowl is the best bet.

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  5. Don't use a bong.. They can blow in and Idk maybe get everything wet.. Use a bowl for the first time and u take the first few hits and show them how to inhale

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  6. Just smoke with them its not rocket science. Doesn't matter how you do it.
  7. No matter what you do there's gonna be a smell unless it's edibles I say pack a bowl and pass er around

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  8. smoking a joint always enjoyable and it works :GettingStoned:
  9. Did you even read the original post?
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  10. Get one of those classic metal pipes with a screw-on cap that has a little hole in it. They have no carb/choke and you can't break em or blow the bowl out. Un-ruinable and the bowl doesn't trail off lit cause of the cap.

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    Honestly I would probably smoke a joint cause like the abovE person said anything other then edibles is gonna stink and not a pipe or bong because they are just gonna be too much of a hassle having you try to explain it to everyone I've never actually smoked a joint either a pipe or bong(really want a vape though) joints are simple and can't really screw them up and the edibles that's not very fun when your with a group of people

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