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Easiest way to grow your own outdoors

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by IGotTheCottons, Apr 4, 2009.

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    Among my friends I'm known as someone who knows his shit about growing. I don't claim to be an expert - but I have a few successful crops under my belt, and the nugs have always been dank. I get lots of questions about lighting, soil, when to plant, etc. from those who would like to grow nugs of their own.

    Most people seem to be afraid to grow - not because of the potential legal repercussions - but more so because they think there is a lot more to growing your own than there really is. Over and over again I tell them it's really not as hard as one might think.

    So if you are looking to grow, but don't have a lot of money to spend on fancy lights and equipment - or if you cannot grow indoors due to living situations - then this is the thread for you. In this thread I will give you the basics to pull off a decent crop, outside, with minimal work, costs, and risk.

    First and foremost, you want to find a good outdoor spot. I tend to look for thick bramble patches (a large enough patch so you can hollow out a spot in the middle - making it sort of doughnut shaped), and for the following reasons:

    1.) People don't like trying to make their way through thorn bushes - so chances are no one is going to fuck with your spot if it's in the middle of a bramble patch.
    2.) They grow - FAST - so the pathways you use to get in & out of your patch will quickly get filled in (just give it a couple days, and you won't even be able to tell someone was there).
    3.) They grow in areas of high lighting... So if you're in the middle of the woods, look up for breaks in the tree canopies... If you find a big open space in the canopy, chances are there's some good spots to grow in underneath that.
    4.) Brambles grow tall and thick, so if someone does wander near your patch, chances are they will not see it.

    Now - as far as equipment is concerned... You only really need a shovel... You can keep the little plants in garden pots at first - to let them get some size on them before planting them in their permanent homes in the ground... But this isn't necessary

    It's as simple as putting the seed in the dirt, and giving it a drink of water. I used the pots (when I was growing). Once the plant outgrows the pot, it is OK to put it right in the ground. Clear out an area for the plant, but try to keep it close to the surrounding vegetation so that it doesn't stand out.

    Most soil in the woods is pretty fertile, so you shouldn't need an abundance of fertilizer. I usually only feed twice during vegetation, and once during flowering. This will vary, though, depending on your plants nutritional needs, and the soil in your native area.

    If you grow in thick underbrush, you want to be sure to come back once in a while to knock back the weeds that may be trying to choke out your babies... But not so much as to arouse suspicion.

    If you want sensimilla - then you're going to want to check them daily when you start noticing pre-flowers - so that you can remove the males. If you don't care about your buds being seeded, then you really don't need to come back until harvest (usually the middle to the end of October, depending on where you live).

    So you see, it's really simple. Just stick a seed in a pot until it gets big enough to compete with surrounding vegetation. Feed it a couple times (most any vegetable fertilizers are fine - use at 1/2 strength). Then come back and chop it down around harvest time.

    There's my quick and easy outdoor grow guide. Feel free to add anything I may have missed - or any little tips you think may be useful.
  2. Thanks whens a good time to plant ?
  3. Depends on your area. Where I'm at, it's OK to start putting them in the ground. If you're in an area where it still gets really cold still during this time of year, you might want to hold off until you're sure you're past the last frost.
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    Im in London,England and i have woods behind my house the only thing is quite alot of people go here and at the back is a fence backing on to a hospital what do you think?
  5. Great guide, +rep
  6. If there are places in those woods where the people stay away from, you can always check there. Scout them out - see if there are any hidden areas - off of the main trails.
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    Theres a place where some man hung himself and everyones afraid to go in there but there are a few kids that go in there now and again for a beer n a few cigs and probably a tramp or two :/
  8. I planted mine in some woods a while back where a lot of people go. I stuck them in some spots that were literally RIGHT next to the main trails... But because of the surrounding vegetation they never got seen... If people aren't looking for them, they probably won't see them. Especially if they blend in with the surrounding vegetation. Camouflage is your best friend when growing outdoors. Look for surrounding plants with pointy leaves, and with various colors (this will help the MJ blend in better).

    The hardest thing is finding a good spot.
  9. Can you pin a 50 pound note to a tree and expect it to be there in a week? If not, find somewhere else.
  10. Hahaha... Great way of putting it :D

    My spots may have been in "bad" spots according to a lot of people... BUT - they never got found :devious:
  11. Is it possible to start growing in autumn or do I have to wait until summer?
  12. start in Spring, harvest in Fall. In Northern hemisphere (Europe, USA etc..) start in end April----> beg June, harvest in Sept/Oct when ready (finishing times depends on strain)
    In Southern hemisphere, I don't know but it's harvest in April I think and start in September.
  13. well it just turned autumn here in Australia so i suppose I will have to wait a while
  14. thanks what seeds do you reccomend for a broke beginner grower in the uk?
  15. Oz growers will be harvesting now. Guess you have to be patient until September or so.
  16. The seeds you find in the weed you buy will work just fine - so long as they are mature (stay away from the white/green ones), and not all busted up.
  17. i never get seeds in my weed :/ do u reckon i could ask my dealer for some?
  18. Do you only buy dank? Try buying some schwag or something... Or you can always order some from like Dr. Chronic or something...
  19. im in new york, im good on everything just need to know when to germinate and plant.
  20. So when I move my plant outside and its all set, how often will I have to water it?

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