Easiest way to flush?

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  1. Ok so I'm having deficiency issues, mainly N! If you want to have a look at my problem then the last page or two of my journel or the defcieny post I made;

    First Grow - 600w mh/hps - soil - photoperiod

    What do you see?? (Def)

    Last thing to do I think is flush. The problem seemed to be from me under feeding so I have no idea how too many salts have built up. But the yellowing hasn't began to stop so last chance saloon.

    The problem now is I have 4 in a 4x4 scrog. I don't even empty the runoff but let it evaporate (yes I have raised pots, humidity 40 ish and excellent ventilation). I'm in soil and use fox farms nutes. I hered it's easier wth a flushing agent, I think Florakleen was mentioned :/ ?
    Im in 30ltr smart pots. I want to run the least amount of water through that I can but still giving a needed flush.
    Need some help here?
    image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg image.jpeg
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  3. At this point I don't believe there's much you'll be able to do

    If anything you'll be removing even more nutrients by flushing

    Good luck

  4. I actually don't have any useful input here, I grow in soil but have never had to deal with what you're going through. Your SCROG looks great, though. Nice canopy management!
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  5. You could flush with a light nutrient mix. No loss in flushing that way. PH balance might be out of whack, have you checked your runoff?

    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow. :gc_rocks:
  6. This day will be the wend of week for. So could have up to 5 weeks left. Any ideas?
    Shuld I add extra N in every watering for another few weeks. Shuld I give up and start again now :'(

    I'm useing fox farms. I was useing like 1/3 recommended u till I see this problem start. I upped to half dose 3 water ifs ago, then full recommended 2 watering a ago. I did just plain water yesterday and foliage fed with very diluted Epsom and grow big, trying to get it right in lol :/

    Old school Jerry, any advice??
  7. Checked runoff few weeks ago when started. Was above 6. But my digi ph pen broke so I now have the cheap drop tester.
    I just think the past week I've given enough N for it to at least stop turning..
  8. If all the leaves did yellow, is that it, no more bud?
  9. The problem with adding nutrients to correct a deficiency won't make a difference of the pH of the soil is incorrect. The deficiency will continue. My recommendation is a flush with 1/4 nutrients strength. I would say both veg and bloom nutes and Calmag. 6.5 pH on feed/flush solution. Flush until your runoff is in correct range. Personally I use general hydroponics pH drops to check my feed and runoff. After flush and pH check then. After flush on next feed pay attention how plant responds. My opinion.


    My current 6 Jock Horror Autos, coco coir grow. :gc_rocks:
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  10. Unless my ph pen was way off all my watering a have been in the 6-7 range, 6.3-6.7 the most part.

    These are pics from my last two waterings, good colour?
    image.jpeg image.jpeg
    The 2nd pic I ph'd little by little trying to get as close to 6.5 coulour as I could!
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  11. How much would it take to consider it a flush? In 30lts pots with just over 25 ltrs of soil/perlite
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  12. Wow lol! I'd have to run like 30/35 ltrs through all 4. Takes me like an hour to water 12 Ltrs between them. Have to buy new nutes to even run 1/4 strength and Id have to buy something to suck the water up too! Don't think that's a viable route atm.

    I'll defiantly read through that properly in the morning. I have a few days before there dry to figure out what I can do.
  13. I use a soil/soil less blend and 7 gal cloth smart pots. I flush ever 3-4 weeks in veg and twice during flower. I put mine over a drain and flush like 40 gallons. I always let them dry out good after a flush to avoid problems with over watering. I ph my tap water and over time the pH slowly goes up. I've since learned to use ph buffer less often. I've been using organic npk 12-3-6, 2-50-12 and bat guano in powder form.
  14. Well it's hard without knowing everything from start to finish - but it just has been my experience that once Cannabis is into full flower, like yours are, and that once they hit that yellowing color that no matter what you give them that they will not turn back to healthy green.

    A simple fish hydrolysate (Neptunes Harvest brand, probably) OR a fish/seaweed fertilizer is what I would most likely do - just to make sure that what they need is in the mix - but this still doesn't necessarily mean that the already yelllowed leaves will come back at this point.

    I will also tell you, though, that while I've had this happen as well a number of times over the years that it hasn't killed the harvest. Buds can still come out nice.

    I never personally liked using Hydro nutrients mixed with a soil garden. I always preferred using an inert medium such as perlite/vermiculite or coco with Hydro nutrients and organic nutrients with soil - or at least if you're going to use Hydro nutrients with soil then use them sparingly. It's easy for chemical fertilizers to build up when used in a soil garden that doesn't drain like coco or perlite because you can only water so often so nutrients end up sitting in the medium a lot longer. Back in the day when we were growing in a 50/50 perlite/vermiculite mix we were able to water 6-8 times a day without worrying about nutrients just sitting there and growth was explosive.

    My $.02, anyhow.

    Good luck.

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