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  1. I've had epilepsy now for 15 years and just found out that weed helps control my seizures. Im going to try to start growing a few plants for the first time. Anyone know what the easiest type or strain is to grow? And can someone give me the basic tips on how much water, light hours and stuff like that. I use a bong so a plant with a lot of buds would be best
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    For your first grow Id look for an indica strain or autos. Autos are plants that will make buds under any amount of light. Most plants need less than 14 hours a day of light to flower. So growing an auto can be easier for a first grow, and give you faster yields. The downside is they tend to be small, low yielding, and not quite as potent. A lot of people just grow a few autos to get a quick yield while they wait for the rest of their bigger plants to finish.

    Master Kush is pretty good for new growers. So is C99, Headband, and Pineapple Kush. I've heard a lot of great things about pineapple chunk to. If I was you I would get on attitude.com and look around. They sell seeds from several different breeders, just like amazon sells stuff from other companies. Anyway, when you get on attitude they have a list of breeders they sell for on the bottom. Cali commendations and reserva privada are both great breeders with great strains. I'm persinally looking at their strains over anyone else's. I wouldn't buy anything from nirvana seedbank. I was never happy with they strains.

    As for the rest of the info you asked for, that's way too much to go over in one post. You need to do some reading on hear and google what you cant find here. That's the only way to learn besides experience.
  3. Go onto Attitude Seedbank and from there you can go to "Advanced Search" you can choose preference (Height,flowering time,female seeds ETC) and from their you can read about each strain and if they are beginner or advanced strains. Go onto Google and write in Hardy Outdoor strains there are a few basics like Trainwreck, Northern Lights, easy sativa which i have read about. Those would most likely interest you :p
  4. For My first indoor grow I grew Chemdog(greenhouse seed co) and Diesel (Dinafem). They were both easy to grow and yeilded fair. Good Luck.

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