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  1. recently I discovered ramune a japanese soda with a marble as a cap. after i found out how to get the marble out(a 7/8" drill bit) idecided to make it a bong.the bong wasn't working out to well(not so airtight) so i thought i'd make another one but a regular pipe.
    1 wide-mouth glass bottle Bottle(any will do i just like the ramune bottle shape.)
    1 5/16" glass drill bit
    1 4 mm socket
    some superglue
    some ganj

    How to:
    !.take the bottle and drill the hole through it where you please. (this may take some time depending on the glass thickness. it took me two hours.obv use a drill).And don't make a full hole just enough to fit the socket without it going into the bottle
    2.put some super glue on the smaller end of the 4 mm socket and put it in ur hole and hold it until glue hardens.
    3.when using it use the wide mout bottle to make an air pull by putting your lip in2 the bottle

    finished piece
    milkshots coming soon
  2. This is actually a nice homemade, but the thought of cyanoacrylate decomp vapors slithering down my throat doesn't really appeal to me...
  3. what is cyanocrylate decomp vapor?
  4. Good shit man
  5. ...It's the end product when you heat cyanoacrylate glue (super glue...) to the point where it starts to decompose. Nasty stuff really.
  6. Wanna know what is going down your throat from the superglue bro? :]
    Put a drop on a metal butterknife.
    Put a flame on the bottomside of the knife.
    Take a BIGGGG wiff.
    Burns your lungs and make your eyes water, no? :cry:

    P.S. This entire post was not to actually be done by anyone. just letting you know superglue can fuck you up.

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