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easiest/best way to smoke concetrates

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by abba560, May 4, 2016.

  1. so I'm planning a visit to Denver and hoping to explore the concentrate scene. A little shatter, some wax and maybe some high quality hash oil to enjoy for an approximately 1 month visit.
    As I am looking on line at the various and numerous ways to consume concentrates.... well shoot... it is all a bit confusing to an old hippy like me.
    In my day... smoking hash oil the occasional time it came around... we just put a little well ground leaf in a bowl and globbed a little oil on that and lit it up. Oil would soak into the weed and we just keep lighting it till it was gone.
    Is there something wrong with this simple method for smoking any of the types of concentrates sold out there.
    Or any better suggestions for a simple and productive way of smoking it?
  2. That works still.. Id spend $100 and get a little oil rig honestly
  3. You could use hash oil for a topper but it melts and often some runs down into the screen. A rig is the most efficient way to smoke hash oil like wax and shatter. You can inhale enough to satisfy you in a fraction of a breath. If I was going to smoke concentrates away from home and only for a month I'd get a wax vaporizer. You can get a nice one for well under a hundred dollars. I recently got an Atmos Kiln for about $28 and paid about $25 for a nice Kanger box mod to power it, add the cost of a battery for the box and it cost about $60 total. It's more convenient than my rig and I love it. It may be easier to just get it all in one box thru Amazon for about $70 shipped.
  4. Since you will be there for a month, I would recommend hitting a head shop when you get there and buying a rig nail torch and dabber so you can take dabs of the concentrates. It is definitely the most effective (and tasty) way to use concentrates. Otherwise, you could always buy a concentrate pen and use that, although they don't taste nearly as good but are good for portability.

    Have a blast, it is an awesome city.
  5. Hmu when you get here. I can show you around to the best places to shop to get the best prices. I have an extra rig and nail i could sell you as well if you needed a rig.

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  6. In another thread you said you went to Colorado and spent a couple of weeks smoking wax and shatter and you shipped a few grams of wax back home. Why don't you just smoke it like you usually do?
  7. oil rig with a ti nail

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