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Easiest and best Strain to grow in a Hydro grow room

Discussion in 'Hydroponic Growing' started by cwmasterbob08, Apr 14, 2012.

  1. What is the absolute easiest but best strain to grow in a hydro grow room?
  2. Holy Grail Kush or Headband are pretty easier to grow..and they're are both very worthy strains
  3. I buy clones and have found Kush's and Indicas to be less work than Sativas.

    My .02
  4. Growing an Afghan Kush indica strain for about 8 months now and is working out great. Better yields than White Widow, THC Snow, and AK47 when grown side by side.

    I can pump the nutes up to 1800-2000 PPM during most of the veg and bud cycles and it loves it. (the other strains couldn't handle those levels)

    It is finished 6 weeks after 12-12 light change and is completely powdery mildew resistant.

    Yields are averaging 1.25 lbs per 1000watt light or 5 lbs per room and the quality is excellent
  5. Whats easy for me to grow could be hard to grow in your area ,even good growers have probs with some plants ,
    you have members on here that live in forests ,swamps & deserts.
    find a plant that you like to smoke/cook with and keep a record of everything you do, like nutes, temp,humidity, ec ,ph @ am & pm ect ect .
    after the first grow you have much better idear what that plant needs & you should not burn it with nutes.
    stick to that plant for a few grows & your yeild will go up each time.
  6. also what kind of a buzz are you looking for?
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    I really like your posts MIDLIFE!!
    Just the short few months I have been gone, I can tell you have really increased your knowledge on the subject @ hand.. ;)

    @ cwmasterbob08,
    The little piggy is right, you really need to pic a strain which appeals to you and grow it out a couple times...
    Because what strains grow wonderful for me, may not grow the same or be as easy for you with similar conditions...

    So for someone to say "grow this strain it's the easiest strain to grow", well that maybe true for them, but may not work out the same way for you, and even though your environments are similar..

    Usually what I do when strain hunting, I will find a strain which appeals to me, then do an internet search on that strain, because you're going to run into people which have grown it out, and you can see images, maybe pick up some "base" TEMP/RH/PH/EC settings that you can start with and fine tune your own grow...

    Then sometimes search a strain and what I find I do not like, like maybe I find more than on grower posting they have mold problems, well that tells me the strain is not really tolerant to molds, and if I know that I have a high RH issue, then I know that's a strain I need to avoid right now...

    Now the "data collection" MIDLIFE spoke about (again, great advise), really is the key to good growers and great growers...

    Reason being, this past grow I was doing 3 strains, all similar in grow condition needs, but two of the strains liked the temps in the upper 80s (I use Co2), while the third strain clearly was showing signs of heat stress, so by me recording not only the collected temp/rh/Co2/ec/ph, but also images, if you ever come back to that strain, you're already dialed in, unless you've changed your setup, then you at least have a "base" starting point for said strain...

    I use HerbIQ to record my grow data, just Google it...

    Sorry MIDLIFE, it won't let me rep you anymore... ;)

  8. ^^then I'll rep both of you ..for two great posts^^

    GJ you two.
  9. thanks JJ you have made my day ;) and thank you also Wharfrat74
    it's reading posts from people like yourself's that has helped me very much this last year . :gc_rocks:
  10. I grow in a bubble bucket or modified waterfarm. Sometimes I use coir. I grow one plant at a time and utilize a scrog screen. Lighting is a single led panel with 80 three watt bulbs rated at about 180 watts draw. My normal harvest is just under 4 oz of dry flowers.

    I've found most strains grow well in my hydro setup but I have height restrictions so I like plants that don't grow too high and I dislike auto flowers. I think I got lucky with a Pineapple Express seed and now clone that finishes very fast (six weeks) with heavy yields and a super product.
    Nirvana's white widow is also an easy grow and finishes, for me, in eight weeks. I'm currently finishing a scrog of super lemon haze which has been a trouble free grow and a plant that likes high ec's. Super Lemon looks like it will require a nine to ten week flower period but looks very, very promising. The SLH tends toward the tall but the scrog and training have kept it manageable.

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