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Easier Smoking

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Nameless477, Mar 2, 2016.

  1. All I have is a one hitter. My problem is that the time it takes to get seriously high off it is just too long. By the time I'm on the fourth, I'm buzzed enough to be off balance and at the point where I don't really want to keep going, but once I sit down our start doing something, I can tell it's just a buzz. So my question is there anyway around this roadblock, or better method without going and buying something better (licence revoked)? Thanks for the help

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  2. When you light your bowl (Same concept with a cig-like), make sure you're not burning it all at once. Even though it's a one hitter, don't light all of the bud, hit the corner of the bowl with the flame and let the cherry take the rest. Smoking is a crude (but awesome) form of vaporizing the psychoactive bits of your bud, and too much heat can destroy a decent amount of your potency.

    Note: If using a one-hitter provided with a dugout, you can smoke it like a chillum (Your hand becomes your smoke chamber) if you don't care about your hands reeking. This can give you a little more control with your lighter.

    You might also want to try a tighter pack, not enough to cut off your air flow, but pushing your bud down to compact it and adding more on top should at least give you more smoke for your toke. Other than that, I can only recommend a bigger bowl.
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  3. Get a cheap bowl, that way you can pack a bowl, smoke the whole thing and then be good.
  4. Ask someone who is able to to get you a bigger bowl. Idk what else you could do.

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  5. Make an apple pipe if you have apples at your place. You can carve the bowl to be bigger.
  6. If I'm in need of a quick smoking device, I use my 2.5" hand pipe I got off of amazon, it's under $10. I haven't seen your one-hitter but it gave me much more control than my cigarette-looking one-hitter.
  7. Get some Shatter Mann.

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  8. Make a soda or glass bottle bong, using your one-hitter as the downstem. It's fairly self explanatory how to put one together, using very few household items. Doing something similar with an apple, like someone above me said, would work too. Roll a joint. Do knifers, if you can get safe usage of your stove. If your creative enough, there are a slew of ways to make it work.

  9. I've gotten plenty high from tiny one hitters!

    Long ago I had this keychain pipe found at gas stations.
    It got really hot after 1 or 2 bowls, so I found this clothes hanger that has a cardboard support, fit perfect around the pipe.

    Anyways, i would grind the bud and tightly pack the bowl, but loose enough so it would burn in 1 quick hit.
    After maybe 3 of these in a span of a few minutes, I'd be pretty damn high.

    Even now, my bongs tend to be small volume. Large massive bongs aren't really efficient unless you pack 2 gram bowls for a single hit in my opinion.

    But for me, the key is how it was packed. I favor single massive hits, i want thick smoke, even if a little.
    I think it had to do with how the lung hairs (talking out my ass) grab thick smoke opposed to a ton of whispy smoke.

    Sorry for the rambling, had a massive hit.

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