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Earwax hash?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ChiefBuddha, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. My dealers offering me earwax hash, straight from the dispensary for $35 a gram. Is this a good deal? Dank bud goes for $10 to the gram here.
  2. Eww earwax
  3. i always wish i could smoke concentrates so i say do it!
  4. yeah that's about the cheapest dispensaries sell it for. don't know why he would offer it to you at that price though, he can't be making much money off it.
  5. Nice... I'd get it... gram here costs me $50.
  6. It's worth it if its high quality oil. How do you plan on smoking it?

  7. great point. unless you have shatter bho that you can crush up and throw on a bowl, earwax is bit difficult to smoke w/out a dome/skillet/nail

    this is homemade bho (made w/ half kief), with a consistency similar to what dispensaries sell at 35/g. sticky as hell

    some more homemade, higher quality. I'd pay up to 50/g for this at shops. still pretty sticky though
  8. Hash is not the same as even the dankest bud. $35/g is a good deal. I doubt your dealer is making any money off of that unless he made the hash himself (which according to you, he didn't).
  9. You can get oil that is passable for like 20/g-30/g so he can certainly be making a profit, although I don't really understand doing that.

    But trim and shit is real easy to get if you know people / grow.
  10. This.

    $35/gram is a solid price, dispensaries around here sell it for $40. Any price is too high if you have no way of smoking it, though.
  11. Wow, I've never smoked or seen hash, but it sure does sound expensive as hell. How high can you get off of a one-hitter pack size of hash?

  12. you need prob .025 to get baked off some real good hash
  13. You only need to smoke a tiny ball of hash to get super high. A gram of wax would probably last about as long as an eighth of bud.
  14. Well my dealer gets his weed from a grower that provides for a dispensary, and the grower also makes earwax so he gets it from him at a grower price not a middle man price. But i'm thinking i'd just top off a bowl with some of it? I don't really have all the right equipment to do something else.
  15. sounds like a good deal bro
  16. Yes, you can just top your bowls with it, don't put a large amount.
  17. Be careful with earwax and bho... the high is really unlike even the dankest of weed. It's almost completely different. Don't smoke too much because you can literally get too high off of just one hit if your tolerance is even remotely low. That kind of a concentrate is for veteran smokers who have been smoking all day everyday for years and it gets them baked.
  18. Does anyone know where to find a step by step or video of how to make the earwax hash? Or is it the same as the BHO.
    just whipped up on a hotplate?
  19. yeah its a good deal as long as its some legit earwax hash. i mean think about 35 would buy you around 2 grams right? chances are a gram of earwax hash will have equal to or more thc that that 2 grams of flower.
  20. I love me some earwax hash :) .

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