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Earthy smell vs. Skunky smell

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by jmb345, Jul 15, 2009.

  1. Last week me and a buddy picked up a gram of chronic. Didn't get the name of the actual bud he was growing, but it smelled SO skunky. Very potent smell that smelled up the whole car, even though it was only a gram.

    Today I just picked up some good mids, and this bud has SUCH an "earthy" smell to it. Ever smell like wet dirt/mud after it rains? It's almost like that. Potting soil would be a close description to the smell of the bud I just got.

    My question to you all here at GC is, what strains generally have that earthy smell to them? I haven't come across too many strains that had this pungent of an earthy smell. I have come across some bud that had a slight undertone of that earthy/dirt smell, but there was always that familiar skunky smell that weed is known for. The bud I have doesn't even have any of that skunkiness to it, just pure earthy goodness.

    Any of you growers have any idea on this?

  2. earthy smell = schwag as far as I'm concerned
  3. I once bought a gram from some guy who grows locally, and it smelled really earthy, like you were standing in a lush forest. This shit was pretty dank, and when you took a bong rip of it, it tasted like you just inhaled a freaking forest or something. Every person who tried it thought it was the earthy-est stuff they'd ever seen. Oh how I long to taste that bud again.
  4. Nah, man this ain't no schwag. It's not dank chronic by any means, but its still some good green, it just happens to have a very piney earthy smell. Very hard to find the right words to describe it. It's some good stuff though, just smoked a bit. :smoke:

  5. That's redundant, sir.
  6. oh piney

    I thought you meant like...dirt earthy
  7. Every strain does have it's own smell (which you know already) but also take into acount how well dried it is... I find that weed that hasn't been dried properly smells much more like plant matter than dried weed... idk if that's exactly what you're talking about... but see if you have to hold a lighter to it a bit longer to really get it cranking than most other stuff... that's a sure-fire way to tell it hasn't been dried well.

    Hope that helped ^^,
  8. the earth smell is from whutever strain is in mexicanshitbricks

    the skunky smell is skunk idk thats whut we call it its real good but expensive worth it if you got the money
  9. Sativa strains usually have a fruity-ish smell. While Indica strains ( my personal favorite) smell skunky or earthier. Most of the schwag I've had smelled like hot tea, but I've heard some people say they've had Beasters that smell like tea.
  10. I think sometimes water cured bud has this kind of smell..could be wrong though

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