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  1. i feel all wiggly...jk...question is i have access to lots of fresh healthy earthworms cuz a friend grows them...what do ya think? if yes, how many would u put in an indoor pot per gal? management tips?

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    buy worm castings for your soil because watering/nutrients/temperature changes
    will scare away the worm if not kill it... and I heard they eat roots, others say they
    don't... idk. I wouldn't want to risk it myself, so castings are your best bet.
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    Worms can't eat a single thing - they lack teeth and a stomach.

    They 'eat' microbe exudes which are converted to castings via enzymes in their digestive tract.

  4. I love that one "worms are gonna eat your plants man".

    I have some Europeans in my soil. I asked em how many were in there but I only speak English.

    I threw maybe a dozen or so in a 10gal.
  5. I put them in mine, they seem to do okay so far. Sometimes when I water some might come up but they do go back down.
  6. Wait - so they WONT eat my plants roots?
    OP, worms in your pots are a sign of a healthy soil. Use a thick layer of mulch - they like having it there. It allows them to come up out of the soil without being exposed. I'll often see quite a few worms under my mulch if I move it for whatever reason.
    They create pathways for oxygen and moisture, they leave fresh castings in place; whats not to love?
  7. When I did my recent transplant into my notills a couple of the containers (under the mulch) on the topsoil looked like a worm orgy-fest!

    2+ years with worms in the notills and 4 years worms in the soil - not one eaten plant yet - here's to another 4 years of good luck! :p
    C'mon Coot! Don't let facts interfere with a good internet myth.  :ey:  Wonder if we could work in some flavorings somehow? I heard that Capt'n Crunch (or was it Lucky Stars?), makes a good top dress for flavor and it might get the worms to leave the roots alone. :confused_2:
    To the OP. I've never really added worms to the plants, but end up with them from the cocoons in the fresh VC that gets added.
  9. Root Munchin' Worms (RMW) - the next on the list of horrors to avoid?
    It's really a great time to be alive isn't it?
  10. "It's really a great time to be alive isn't it?"

    Not if you're the roots.


  12. As ridiculous as this thread is....I literally laughed out loud when I saw this...thanks Jerry.
  13. Never saw the movie? Well known stars and really campy.
  14. Almost a comedy! Lol - kinda "sci-fi" but so ridiculous it's funny.


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