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Discussion in 'General' started by xLoneWolfx, Dec 20, 2012.

  1. Bunch of my friends on Facebook are saying they just felt an earthquake near Santa Barbara California. Anyone feel it? I'm in San Luis obisbo
  2. it's happening...the end is nie.
    That was no was the waking of the trolls from their ancient resting place of Valdoom(where they steal wifi to troll people on gc).
  3. I'm in Atascadero right now visiting family, small world.

    But no I didn't feel it.
  4. No way!!! An earthquake in Cali???

    Didn't feel a thing in LA. I usually feel the smallest of earthquakes too. Must have been a tiny one.
  5. Oh my god someone help, the world is fucking endingin pennsylvania, i need a fucking hand, help, we are all doomed. Let me try to go snag a picture from my window
  6. [​IMG]

  7. Dude!!! Everyone rioting where I'm at!!! They are breaking into the houses!!!

  8. I felt them. It was a couple of small ones. My screen door would shake and I thought it was someone banging on my door at first lok
  9. I didn't feel anything but I'm a few hours from there.
  10. Everyones dead
  11. The world already ended

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  12. There's fucking meteors falling all over Texas! Just destroyed my house
  13. Lol hahaha someone swatted beaver, that shit was funny.

    I bet he was terrified as fuck. I bet he cries like he sings lmfao!
  14. About to drop a deuce guaranteed to shake the heavens
  15. Nope. SLO is the shit though

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