Earthquake in Hati: the beginning of 2012?

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    The quake measured a 7.0... thats pretty crazy shit. I wouldn't be surprised if a few more natural disasters come along over the next couple years. What if 2012 is really the doomsday year lol that would be sum crazyyy shitt man id love to be part of it. lol. What if were some 5th grade science experiment on some planet 300 thousand light years away and the Mayans somehow were able to find out about the experiment. Hey its possible and my theory is just as plausible as your theory because there are an infinite number of theory's because we live in a universe infinityly expanding.
  2. Yeah, kush is pretty great.
  3. how high are you?
  4. Natural disasters happen all the time. It would be more strange if we went a couple years WITHOUT major natural disasters.

    That's the product of living in high density distribution throughout a range of regions vulnerable to such disasters. Shit happens.
  5. What OP is doing is pointing only at the evidence that supports his thesis, and ignoring all the other arbitrary disasters that happen all the time. Its like seeing the number 23 everywhere, its only because you are looking for it that you notice it. Numbers are everywhere, all kinds of them.
  6. yea i was stoned lol mods feel free to close this thread based on how stupid it is
  7. /facepalm... This topic reminds me of reading an article about some high-ranking religious offical in Indonesia blaming all the natural disasters happening in the regoin because of immorality.
  8. Its some good stoned ranting- this is fact. But far fetched and completley random.yes
  9. January 1st 2012 is the beginning of 2012
  10. I ment the earthquake is just one of a number of natural disasters that will lead up to the final natural disaster on december 21st, 2012.
  11. shit like 3 days before the haiti quake we had a 6.7 quake over off of the klamath coast and we are doing just fine.
  12. you see, the earth is slowly but surley destorying itself. We all will die on december 21st 2012, even if i have to kill you all :)
  13. According to the "bible code" theres gonna be a few huge earthquakes this year. If I remember correctly an earthquake is supposed to hit cali or LA, breaking it off into the ocean.

    good luck californians.
  14. Earthquakes happen all the time . . . .
  15. why are you downgrading the significance of the earthquake? It was catatrosphic to the country.
  16. Its going to playout just like the plot in 12 Monkeys
  17. how can this be the beginning of 2012 if its 2009?

  18. Lol its 2010 and you obviously didnt read this entire thread, i explained that already

  19. lol hahahahahahhaha holy fucking shit i didnt even catch that 2010 part. but no offense i never read the 2012 posts anymore i just type in irrelevant shit. im not even fixing that its too epic fail ive been way too high and thats proof lol

  20. Sorry man, this post just pwnt you! Ahaha!

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